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  1. And what creates the goverment bank account? Where do that money come from? When people purchase vehicles, properties and furniture from script?
  2. Lucie

    Removed L&A

    I don't know where did you go to school, but I never saw that happening on mine, at all. If someone did that they'd have been expelled to be honest. I guess this suggestion should be locked if people are against it. I was only giving a point of view.
  3. Lucie

    Removed L&A

    Let's see movies for example. Even violent movies move the camera away when there's a extreme violent scene. I'm not talking about a hit, a punch or shooting someone, I'm talking about more detailed and perverted things. I do expect some sort of violent RP to come, but there should be a line between a normal violent RP and an extreme one. Besides, sometimes violence is needed storywise, but it doesnt mean you need to /me with a lot of details extreme violent RP
  4. Lucie

    Removed L&A

    I'm not talking about being tazed, or beaten up. I'm talking about extreme violent RP that its not clear if its under toruture RP or not. You can RP a lot of things on this server, socialization, nightlifes, relationships, friendships. Roleplay doesn't need to be extremely violent.
  5. Lucie

    Removed L&A

    Then the rule about offensive roleplay should be more specific on what is considered offensive and what is not. I would have thought drowning someone into a toilet was under that category as it's torture but it was not.
  6. Where does the 200K every new player get come from? And the money from jobs? businesses?
  7. Hi! I'm making this topic not as a complain about the server economics, but to give a helpful point of view. I'm finishing a degree in economics and I live in a country with high inflation, so I know quite much about the subject. Let's start with basic monetary economics: This means that the total amount of money in an economy, multiplied by the frequency with which a unit of money is spent is equal to the price levels multiplied by the total amount of goods produced. Let's say that in the server the amount of drugs, guns, vehicles, and in some cases apartments follow the growth in active players. The equation would be translated to the server as: The total amount of in game money, multiplied by its spend frequency, will be equal to the price level multiplied by the total amount of active players. Here we have additional issues, some players who have a lot of in game money, stop playing. Even people who have a lot of in game money and are active, don't actually spend their money as they want to RP humble. On the other hand a lot of money is spawned, specially to new players. That is not a bad thing, since people can spend time roleplaying than grinding for money. Given the characteristics of the server and its limitations, and understanding how monetary economics work, I think the best way to control inflation will be the following: TOTAL amount of money spent per week / TOTAL amount of hours played per week The total amount of money spent should combine all the transactions between players (/pay, /transfer vehicles and properties) plus all the money that players spent to the script to get things (buying houses, furniture vehicles from the server script for example). The total amount of hours played is self explained. If this ratio keeps stable as time goes by, the server will have a healthy economy. If the server management team sees that this ratio is increasing, they should do things to despawn money from the server, either with higher taxes or reducing the amount of money they spawn into the server. I'd be willing to help the staff team if they need so.
  8. I think that all mini games scripted should be based in chat and /me, since this is a text based roleplay server. Let's use pool as an example: - It'd be nice for a GUI, the size of the phone to be displayed when you are playing the game, showing the remaining balls and its position. - You will need to emote with a /me the action your character is doing, and then use a command like /pool number number - The first number would be the pool ball you are trying to hit, and the second the amount of focus and effort you are using (from 1 to 10) - Then, a text will be displayed saying if you have missed the ball or not, giving different outcomes based on the ball position, your effort, your experience playing pool, and your level of drunkness. If your character is drunk, and you put no effort, you'd totally miss. - No animations would need to be added, just a graphic interface, and a stocastic model for the game, based in the given parameters and variables
  9. I agree on a 100% a legal business in a centric commercial area shouldnt be exorted by random illegal characters with no connections. If you are part of an illegal faction even if the business is legal, then yes. You should be allowed to be exorted if you have connections with these illegal characters on the other hand
  10. @Connor Hi, thanks for the reply. I have another question, let me tell you what happened to me. I was roleplaying in a faction, and one of the guys PKed my character for a quite non RP reason in a non realistic way. We both agree the situation should be voided but admins didn't want to. He had to namechange after getting arrested since other person who he randomly killed took a CK. Well, even he had a new character, I was told my character was killed for the whole faction and that could never RP again with any of them, not even as a stranger as long as I was that character. Is that allowed, you said that after a PK people can rp again as strangers. I had to use the WP I had to namechange because of that and even after that I think he brings previous now OOC things into the IC roleplay, breaking the immersion and acting non realisticaly. What could I do? I basically wasnt even allowed a fresh start with their faction with a new character either. If they keep mixing OOC and IC, is there a way to reverse my namechange, without having to buy WP? Thanks Edit: I was told by this guy that I was Faction Player killed, not a normal player kill. I wasn't even a member of the faction per se, and is that even a thing? I couldn't find any documentation in the forums about those Faction Player Kill...
  11. Shooting a cop when being pulled over is not creative RP, it makes no sense at all. The idea is to roleplay realism.
  12. I never saw such things and I played from 2012 to 2015. But yes, staff there was really rude in general, I was even banned for a dumb reason and never unbanned. I was shocked about how helpfull staff is here in game.
  13. Hi! I'm making this question regarding PK. Imagine this scenario: Player A kills player B in front of player C and D. After the scene, do player B, C and D still know each other, but just forgetting the murdering scene? Can Player A and B roleplay again, as if they were strangers? What about other members of A's faction, do B know them or is dead for them too?
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