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  1. Axi

    Lol this interview is golden. E: To add to the above its apparently played by Gandolfini's son.
  2. Axi

    Been an LSRP player from 2010 to approximately 2015. if anyone remembers Trevor Holmes / Malcolm Powell / Peter Owens, holla at me.
  3. Axi

    LSRP gang bro. eventually fell off track but I miss it. My most memorable name I had was Malcolm Powell. Used to be in LSPD but not all the time. Participated in Vagos getting started by Taifun (miss the dude. He was a real G) good old times, this place is like reliving my SAMP days.
  4. Axi

    Man, I never thought I’d see Vagos here. I was there on SAMP when the original faction got started. Was one of the OGs. nostalgia intensifies.