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S/S Playboys 13


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The aim of our faction is to portray a realistic Sureño set in the area, the main focus is deeply developing our characters and doing a lot of internal roleplay in our area. We aim to run the faction as transparently as possible for every member with as small OOC involvement as possible. Every aspiring member must write a detailed character story in order to roleplay with us. 


If you’d like to join the faction or got any questions on your mind, feel free to pm !Drillz#8040 or Centi#0876 on discord, join our discord server, or pm @Drillz or @Centi.



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After coming back to Brouge Avenue, Riley runs into a local of the area he considered weird off rip named Ricardo Gonzalez, having a conversation about women, it eventually turns into an altercation where Gonzalez sneaks Riley, and they fight. Riley sweeps his feet in the fight, and then kicks him once for the disrespect. Gonzalez gets up to sneak Riley once again to get jumped on by Chino.







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