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Tree Top Piru

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Samiya wakes up on timing.



While setting up to play cards with Kizzie in the dayroom, the HG from NHP (enemies) calls her baby daddy.

She sends it up over the phone with him.





Kizzie tells Samiya the issues she's having with her baby's father, and it somehow affects Samiya's mentality.

Originally, Samiya woke up ready to get it "brackin" with any female that crossed her path in the pod until she heard Kizzie's problems.

From here, she realizes that other inmates are dealing with more than her




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GTA5_2022-01-08_13-25-28.png (pictured to the left: 300 Block Tree Top Piru & 400 Block Tree Top Piru)

300 Block Tree Top Piru breed the most militant and also extravagantly aggressive gang members. Due to their positioning. with the Tree Top Piru's main enemies being right in front of their porch, The Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13, the 300 Block Tree Top Piru, or 30Ø BLK (300 Block, O's are crossed out due to the gang's rivalry with the Rollin 0's Crips), have been responsible for numerous crimes throughout the past few decades, with it's origins dating all the way back to the mid-90s when some of the core members of 400 Block decided to split off from main-street Chamberlain in order to further expand their borders and drug distribution enterprise. The first documented gang related attack executed by the 300 Block Tree Top Piru was recorded in 1991Currently 300 Block's breaking homicide records, managing to push Chamberlain up the homicide charts, 2021 being Forum Drive's worst year, with the crime indices range upping an all-time high of 56.8 when compared to Vespucci's 29.3 & Davis' 49.9 on the scale.


400 Block Tree Top Piru are the most notorious and renown Tree Top Piru clique due to their mainstream presence thanks to artists that managed to break through the industry, stretching out all the way from the late 90s and early 2000s with DJ Quik, to the 2014 boom of Slim400 and his partner YG, who's currently breaking charts as one of the most notorious modern Blood gang-related rapper & artist, having hits with other artists who also originate from Chamberlain such as Kendrick Lamar & others.

Located on the eastern divide of the Forum Drive railway-tracks the infamous Tree Top Piru station themselves all the way from the 500th block of Carson Avenue to the 300th block of Strawberry Avenue



How To Identify A Tree Top Piru Gang Member: (/anim ok not /anim dock)


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After months go by, Samiya finally gets back in touch with her homeboy from the homeland, Casey "Lil Kaliboy#2" Pitts. 

She went months with no visitation or outward phone calls, focusing on herself and getting out of jail to keep her mind away from stress.

She decided not to stress much about visits as she only has a 1 year and 4 month bid, this became a thing after she witnessed Kizzie "Lady Knockout" Clay go through inmate relationship drama over the phone. Kizzie has life in prison for committing 2 murders, so she's never seeing daylight again Samiya figured. She used this for momentum of just biding her time.


Samiya tries to call a guard over to let them know that she has a visitor waiting in the lobby.

TTCF guards ignore Samiya.

She calls Casey back instead.





Samiya then taps back in with her homegirl from NHP about the latest jail politics on module 231 - Pod B.




Samiya then gets back to programming after months of jail food caused her to gain over 14 lbs.


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