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No Call, No Show



Samiya attempts to call one of her big homies, Valentino "Hoody Ru" Gurley but the call doesn't go through. Little does Samiya know, the homies are fighting a war on the outside against the Hoover Criminals street organization. This led to a lot of her calls being unanswered for long amounts of time. It's been going on for nearly two weeks. (IC)

Finally, Samiya is able to get ahold of one of the homies, Naheim "Blanko Ru" Pope, she taps in with him and then becomes aware of the street situation, but not specifically with him.



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After being put on a HRAW (High-Risk Warrant) via the Los Santos Police Department, Dominic “REDDBEAM” Puntos ends his week-long race following a neighbourhood tip-off. He is sentenced to 17 months in prison after pleading guilty to all charges. 


Snitches Get Stitches. 



My Krazy Life, Realified. 



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Samiya decides to call her best friend once again after some time goes by. This time he picks up.



The conversation was going smoothly until Samiya made it an issue about homies coming to visit her while she's locked up.

She hasn't gotten a single visit since being convicted alongside her mom on her charges. Her mother was the only person who could visit her hypothetically, but now she's in jail and this leaves Samiya alone in the system without a familiar face to bond with. The jail experience takes its toll on her.



Her issue with no visits only makes the conversation get more and more heated.



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