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[L&A] Gas Crunch Autos

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@meltcity We are sorry your experience with us was not what you expected but if you expect us to pay retail for a car, then you must not know how the world works.

We always take care of our customers but we don't entertain people who think a dealership is a charity organization. We have many featured customers who love us and many who are repeat customers for a reason.


Take care.

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Name: David DVT

Comment: Aggresive staff, pulling out knifes at customers who dont wanna let their cars go for the offered prices. I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.


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They turned my old car into cash! Was quick and easy, was given a fair price I was happy with and I had a pleasant experience. I drive past the dealership most days on the way back from work too and there always seem to be people there!

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