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Florencia 13


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Public housing was only built with the blessing of the local government, and projects were almost never built on suburban greenfields, but through the regeneration of older neighborhoods. The destruction of tenements and eviction of their low-income residents consistently created problems in nearby neighborhoods with "soft" real estate markets. What now is "Roy Lowenstein Boulevard Housing Projects", was once called "Florence Housing Projects" this was in the early 50s. The name of the projects was changed due to racial tensions rising, and the ongoing feud between a variety of gangs. The housing projects, no matter the name always were all together, but this was far from the truth. The area in which the public housing was placed in, housed multi had an influx of Mexican and Mexican-American families living within them, with the rooms being very small it made everyone feel as if the gangs and not all of the street gangs were friendly to each other, this further led to bloodshed being attached to the public housing projects reputation. There was one very dominant faction in the housing projects, that was notorious for its careless behavior and its ruthlessness in its early years, although since they struggled to achieve a proper name for themselves, they went under the old project housing name, and they translated it into Spanish, calling themselves Florencia.



The Florencia 13 gang, also known as the South-Side Florencia 13 gang, is a notorious and vicious Mexican-American Sureño gang, with cliques extending and operating criminally throughout the county. Some of the gang's oldest cliques are the Jokers (JKS), Malditos (MDS), and the Locos (LCS). Florencia 13 was originally formed back in the late '40s, in South-Central Los Santos, years after the flow of Mexican immigrants in the United States, later extending elsewhere in Oregon, Washington, San Andreas. The gang was mainly created by Mexican youth who mainly wanted to defend themselves from African-Americans, who made up the majority of the neighborhoods in the South-Central, in a mostly black neighborhood, it was not easy for the Mexican-Americans living in the area, so they formed a group of men to defend their turf.

The Florencia 13 gang went under The Mexican Mafia's wings during the late 50s when The Mexican Mafia began recruiting Hispanics inmates to fight against the black inmates in prison. Having been one of the oldest gangs in the county, The Florencia 13 gang bolstered their loyalty and also started an alliance with the Mexican Mafia. Florencia 13 pays tribute to The Mexican Mafia with money received from selling drugs, theft, extortion, and other criminal activities.

One of the gang's largest rivals were the East Coast Crips, the war started between the two gangs when some members from the East Coast Crips robbed a large number of drugs from Florencia 13. Since then the East Coast Crips and Florencia 13 have had several encounters, with attacks between the two, started getting more violent and deadly. One of the Florencia 13's leaders, Arturo "Tablas" Castellanos sent a word from his cell in Pelican Bay State Prison that he wanted the members of Florencia 13 to begin cleansing Florence-Firestone of black gangsters. Due to these orders tensions began to rise dramatically, turning the streets into a war-zone. The area itself has seen a large increase in violence, with civilian casualties growing.







In the early 70s, a former Florencia 13 member called Trinidad Iglesias got into a physical altercation with a Deputy called Gary Saunders near the intersection of Innocence Boulevard and Roy Lowenstein Avenue, during the physical altercation, Trinidad Iglesias took control of Deputy Saunders' gun and shot him in the face. At the time, Gary Saunders was still in training, Gary and his partner were working around the area of Roy Lowenstein, they stopped to speak to multiple Mexican males, as soon as Gary and his partner got out of their cruiser, the group of Mexican males took off from the scene, this led to the beginning of a foot chase. Gary Saunders chose to split away from his training-officer, and chase Trinidad Iglesias. The suspect led Gary Saunders to his residents, and that's where the physical altercation took place, not long after the interaction ended abruptly after Trinidad Iglesias reached and snatched the firearm from the officers' duty belt, and ended his life with three fatal shots to the head.




In the mid-80s, The Gergathy Loma gang was known to be one of Florencia 13's allies, The Gergathy Loma members would drive from the East-side to South-Central to party with the Florencia 13 homeboys. One day, one of The Geraghty homeboys was cruising around with one of Florencia 13's homeboys called Tommie 'Smiley' Lozano, the driver parked in front of a Florencia 13 homeboys'  house and called him out from the vehicle, the Florencia homeboy was called Michael 'Oso' Contreras, Contreras was known for being crazy and also having a volatile temper. For some reasons, Contreras and Lozano got into an argument, Contreras and Lozano were known for arguing a lot, so it was not a big deal for those who were around the argument. Suddenly, Contreras walked back into his house and came out with a rifle and shot his longtime homeboy in the head. Contreras got arrested on the same day and was sent to Pelican Bay prison.



The park between Innocent Avenue and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard has been known for its reckless gang activity. Florencia subsets such as "Malos" and "Eazy Boyz" have shown multiple signs of their activity at the park, from social media posts to their initials put in graffiti. As the early sixties arrived, all the veteran gang bangers either retired from street life, got locked up, died or got deported, this caused major imbalance in leadership, the wild street gang was left with barely any control, this has mostly affected the youngest generation of affiliates as they had less and less influence to gang-bang like the old days. One of the prime examples of their reckless attitude could be the war between the East Coast Crips.


 Advanced issues found

Federal Indictments Target South Los Santos Street Gang Involved in Drug Trafficking, Extortion and Attempted Murder

          LOS Santos – Authorities have arrested 11 members and associates of the South Los Santos-based Florencia-13 (F13) street gang on federal racketeering, narcotics and firearms charges. One of the indictments unsealed today alleges that defendants linked to the gang trafficked methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and other drugs in their territory and attempted to smuggle narcotics into the state prison system.


          Those arrested today are among 36 members and associates of the F13 gang named in six federal grand jury indictments. One of the indictments alleges that the gang is a criminal enterprise as defined by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Twenty-six members and associates of the gang allegedly conspired to violate RICO and engaged in drug trafficking, illegal gambling, attempted murder and assault. The RICO indictment also alleges that the gang actively attempted to smuggle narcotics into the California state prison and Los Santos County jail systems, including attempting to mail two shipments totaling 100 grams of heroin to an imprisoned Mexican Mafia member.


          The lead defendant in RICO indictment – Leonel Laredo, a.k.a. “Wizard,” 47, who is currently incarcerated at a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas – allegedly directed F13’s operations in the unincorporated Innocence avenue neighborhood of South Los Santos, as well as parts of Lynwood, Maywood, Bell and other nearby communities. Laredo, who is serving a sentence for prior racketeering and drug convictions related to his F13 activities, is one of four members of the Mexican Mafia prison gang who allegedly had leadership roles in the gang. The indictment alleges that Laredo ran the street gang from prison with a goal of enriching himself, family members and associates through extortionate “taxes” taken from drug dealers and businesses in F13’s territory.


          The RICO indictment also alleges that F13 members were responsible for the shooting and attempted murder of a rival gang member in South Los Santos in December 2016. In April 2017, one defendant, Samuel Flores Mejia, a.k.a. “Menace,” shot and wounded a fellow F13 member to discipline him at one of the gang’s “casitas,” or illegal gambling houses.


          A second indictment unsealed today alleges that five F13 members and associates, working out of a South Los Santos hookah lounge, participated in a scheme to distribute methamphetamine. A third indictment charges two F13 members with being felons in possession of a firearm and ammunition, namely an AK-47-type rifle. The remaining three indictments charge three individual F13 members and associates with distributing of methamphetamine.


          Out of the 36 defendants named in the six indictments, 11 were arrested today, 16 were already in custody, and authorities are searching for nine fugitives.


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Everyone involved is aiming to portray the real gang, that exists in California that goes with the name of Florencia 13. We do not tolerate people who rule-break or who are trolls in the community, showcasing this type of behaviour will lead to you being removed from the faction without a question. We take character development very seriously, as we want to create a realistic environment with quality roleplay, for everyone to enjoy and feel immersed in.


If you are trying to involve yourself with the faction, but are struggling with ideas on what you should roleplay, how you could start or set up your character, feel free to private message one of us for advice on how to approach or roleplay with us. We are obligated to give you advice to broaden your ideas and start off your character development.


If you're interested in joining the Florencia 13 faction then forum PM @Chucky. Note that joining the Florencia 13 faction, will mean that your character kill permission is reserved instantly.

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