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  1. 1:1 I mean it has to stay as normal. If it doesn't (just like many others have said) it creates confusion among time itself. Consider yourself as head of a factions recruitment and wish to set an academy to 25/DEC/17 at 6PM. With the normal time frame, that'd be clearly understandable. Now, with the slightest of changes to that, even if you sped it up by having 2 day rotation in a single IRL day. How would anyone ever understand it? It would be extremely unrealistic to keep time itself as the IRL time but have the sun rotate in-game twice for a single day. My vote is cast to 1:1, however, I'd much rather agree if we could come to a conclusion of changing the timezone of the server to one that benefits all or at least equals all in the best possible way. Such as a UTC/GMT-3 or UTC/GMT-4. I don't understand why we're having an issue to simply not do that instead.
  2. So, it's quite obvious to have a price for a part of a vehicle while you are modifying it at the Los Santos Customs. However, I'm a bit baffled by the fact that it costs the same price to install a stock part to a car. For example - You bought a car off a player and it was modified to all hell and you didn't want that and instead wished it was.. simplistic and stock. Or you just have a car which you modified yourself and didn't want it to look like that anymore. For example, simply changing the wheels of a car back to original from any sort of modified wheels will cost you the equivalent of aftermarket wheels, which is a bit silly and quite expensive considering a hell of a lot of people like to keep their stock rims at home after changing them at a garage in real life. I recommend simply lowering the cost of stock parts for the vehicles which would simply be more of an installation cost rather than a full price for a new part. Additionally - It's quite silly that you have to buy a new car in BLACK.. you can't choose a color when you're buying a new one, which is a bit annoying and again costing people money where it shouldn't necessarily do so. I mean, yeah of course keep the costs of changing a cars color at Los Santos customs but it really should be an optional thing to choose while buying a car at a dealership. I doubt that adding on a choice to change the color of the vehicle while in the shop menu would be difficult at all. What'cha think?
  3. I did have it off for a while, I've turned it back on now but it hasn't changed anything. Is it required to have it on in order to have XM working?
  4. So I'm seriously curious at this point. I know the XM stations were disabled for some time - before that, my stuff worked. Then a few days back, I asked Lionhearted if they're back and he said yes. Yet, not a single one of them ever work for me. So I'm wondering, is this just me or are those stations simply useless around the UK (which would be strange again). If they do work, then how in the world does one get them working? lol
  5. I just farted. They're gonna smell it! Hihawhihaw In your face Nigga! Hihaww
  6. Had the same problem. Switching to borderless Windowed and then setting the resolution to 1920x1080 through settings file fixed it. I haven't seen other fixes for this yet sorry.
  7. That's pretty dope man - PS: Can't see it too well but I do love finger tattoo's like your own. Maybe one day if I find myself in the land of the Aussies I'll have to hit you up lol
  8. Poetry is awesome though. I hate reading myself but poetry I do like lol
  9. All of my stuff, mostly shit but as I said in my initial post, I just do it for fun lol
  10. How to be good at music .-.
  11. The pics legit look dope as hell.. might have to speak to you sometime to get one or two done for me.
  12. So, I myself am a low-life artist, with no intentions of going big with what I do and rather be doing it for fun & self-appreciation. I haven't been singing since I got kicked outta the school choir back in 2nd grade (lol) never liked art classes yet I tend to draw now and then - and so instead I work on a little music, never really sticking to a single genre and simply going with it through the feels. I mean, I started out trying to impress a girl years back when I was in the young and dumb years (still am dumb, just a bit older), now though I'm kinda happy I did pick it up and enjoy sitting down once in a while, doing my own thing. I mean, you could be anybody, graphical artist, musical artist.. any of the sorts, if you appreciate yourself for what you do, you're an artist. Even the devs on here can call themselves artists since they take care and a lot of time to make something great for other people to enjoy. So, are you an artist? If so, what do you do & how did you start out?
  13. The choppers are over priced. Sports bikes could be like 30k - 50k. I agree with the initial post, no way you would pay that much for any of the choppers.
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