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  1. Buyout if still for sale. You can contact me on 16947262 or by email (Forum PM).
  2. Baller sold, Double T still available.
  3. Hello, figured its time to upgrade to the new model so I'm selling my trusted Baller and Double T, both have low mileage along with the fanciest security and custom performance packages. Also open for Baller ST offers. Looking to get 100k for the Baller and 50k for the Double T. Contact me by email (Forum PM), call or text me on 1270328, or comment down below. Its the normal wheelbase Limited Edition version of the Baller, recently got maintenance done on it and has been insured for around 30 days. Dinka Double T has not yet needed maintenance and is insured for around 80 days.
  4. Hello, Looking to buy a Baller LE. Either of the LE version suits and can be stock or modified. If you have one for sale then please contact me. I can be reached by my email (Forum PM) at all times or by my phone number 1270328 during the evenings. Thanks in advance.
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