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  1. Come on bro just let me /changechar onto my pilot alt and press Y bro, I just wanna hover over Rancho bro... please just let me ruin all illegal role-play so my faction can have a good time bro please
  2. That's buff dung, fresh and stinky. Your air unit treats the helicopter like a Huey flying over Ho Chi Minh City during the Vietnam war, with ATC calls or realistic behaviour in the air being an afterthought. It won't be long before you add a M60 gunner as a designation in your unit.
  3. Sexual RP within the spoiler, please do not open if you don't wish to see it.
  4. Property is rented up until 4 APRIL 2022.
  5. Looking to rent out a beautiful beach front apartment! Information: 2248 OCEAN FRONT WALK - FLOOR 3, ROOM 1 Very quiet area, great view of Vespucci Beach Single bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room & bathroom You will be the sole tenant, this is not a house share Price: $12,000 weekly $40,000 monthly STATUS: RENTED UNTIL 3 JUNE 2022. Contact: Call or SMS on 1632-8084 Email me at: [email protected] ((forum PM me.)) Photos:
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