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  1. NYBERG HOSPITALITY: 10/10 STOCK: 7/10 EXPERTISE: 8/10 QUALITY OF THE JEWELRY: 9/10 Comment: We would recommend buying your jewelry at Nyberg's. Miss Nyberg really knows what she's doing although the stock could be a bit wider. The quality of the jewelry being sold at Nyberg's is outstanding and the authencity is guaranteed.
  2. [STOCK UPDATE - 04/30/2022] A brand new section of our shop has just opened - Damiani's Finest. Check out the high-end jewelry we can offer you! (LINK) We are extremely proud to announce that one of our most experienced jewelers has dropped his first collection of hand-edited high end watches. Only one of these watches will exist, three of them will be up for auction soon. BR Excellence Collection: 1) Rolex Datejust 41 Rainbow bezel with a custom 16K white gold body and sapphire embedded strap 2) Rolex President Day-Date Ruby bezel and numbers with 16K gold body 3) Patek Philippe Nautilus Ruby - Sapphire bezel with chocolate brown dial and 16K rose gold body 4) Patek Philippe Aquanaut Sapphire bezel with 18K rose gold body and diamond (4.61ct in total) embedded strap The fourth model is available for purchase for $185.000.
  3. The vehicle's windows are tinted down to provide full privacy for the back seat passengers. The vehicle has been equipped with a new turbo and the engine has been upgraded as well. I'm looking for $145.000 for the vehicle. (( PICTURES ))
  4. @Joseph Taranothanks for the profile pic bro
  5. If you want to get first hand information about what Tucker does or where he's at then I would recommend following his FB https://face.gta.world/Meier2022
  6. The topic will follow Tucker Meier's life.
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