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  1. I forget what font I use, I gotta check. But fontsize I use is 75.
  2. Nah man, this isn't it. Gang rp already took a huge toll by losing a few factions. I do get what others are saying with people poorly portraying their young characters. But aging up to 18 and having a backstory written up kills the development for all of us. Realistically, most gang rpers have fairly young characters between the ages of 15-17. You can't blame the lack of realism on the whole community itself. Faction leaders should be the ones cracking down on unrealistic portrayals as a youth/teenager. I do understand that their are some people who roleplay being 15 years old and a "hardcore killer", but that shouldn't be the reason why we put a age ban. Having an application process for a young character is not the way to go either. Most youth rpers are gang affiliated, if you see someone having poor potrayal just reach out to their faction leader. Let people rp the age they wanna rp.
  3. On parrrrruuuu. Keep it up. 🔥
  4. Grandpa Wavy also approves.
  5. Great interaction with Dominic Ferraro & Anthony Giodaro. Obviously one of the best on the server rn, keep it up boys.
  6. Bike go brrrrrr, s/o my gang.
  8. Swear bro, y'all gon make me buy a Harley irl. Good content, keep it up Scott & co.
  9. S/O Jonesy and congrats to everyone else!
  10. The best MC on the server rn, hands down.
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