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  1. It is refreshing to see IFM attempting to address some of the issues with Illegal RP, and this idea has potential, despite being flawed in certain aspects. One of the main issues that has been talked about in this thread has been the supplier roles,with emphasis on gun supplier, and I agree, this system is flawed in its essence, due to various points: Close Knit Cliques: These cliques might have been formed trough IC means, however, they are a factor in the huge mess that is the gun economy right now. Why would Faction A stop supplying their long time allies Faction B and Faction C to supply up and coming faction D? Not to say that it is inherently wrong, but it's a contributing factor towards the demise of newer factions. Also, let's not forget that sometimes these cliques lead to... OOC Dealing: Yup, we're going there. OOC deals are an occurrence amongst these cliques, which creates what it is essentially a "cartel", where you can only join if you're mates with one of the members. It's detrimental towards Illegal RP as a whole, and it's especially detrimental towards newer factions composed of new players, where most don't know any "cartel members". PF System: As it stands, the current PF system is ass. Illegal factions have to go trough countless OOC hoops to get a supplier role, while Kawasaki Hinata Naruto, in her Futo, wearing her cat ears can just make an application for a PF license and that's it. There's no reasoning asked, no oversight of the quality of the RP'er, nothing. This makes it that some illegal roleplayers resort to PF abuse in order to supply themselves and their faction with weapons, since it's just far more easier than going out there and forging the connections necessary. The PF system should undergo a deep rework, much like the supplier roles and the illegal factions. This being said, I have some suggestions to improve the supplier roles. Mind you, these are personal suggestions, and should be taken as such: Increase the number of suppliers: Increasing the number of suppliers would help bring the gun economy into a more healthy state, it would push for more creation of IC connections, and it would allow a more even spread of resources to the server's factions as whole. This doesn't mean IFM should just overlook the quality of the factions and their respective applications, but it means providing more leniency and transparency in the process. Closely Monitoring Deals: IFM needs to be proactive, instead of reactive. We can't have ban waves because a leak of OOC dealings came out, when IFM could actively oversee deals and ensure no rules are broken. Does it mean more workload? Yes, but the reward makes up for it. Ensuring that the deals are legit will push for more players to resort to RP'ing instead of just shooting a Discord message to his buddy asking for 4 AK's. Push for creativity: I'd like to see IFM push for more creative roleplay, rather than the standard "XXX gave XXX to XXX". How are these supplies arriving to San Andreas? What crazy way has faction X found to dodge the ATF/DEA/FBI in their quest to be supplied with guns/drugs/whatever? Mind you, this does not only apply to suppliers, but Illegal roleplay in general. We need some of these OOC hoops to be removed in order to push for more creative, interesting and unique Illegal roleplay. One example of this is white collar crime being extremely hard to pull off due to LFM's "Zero Corruption Rule" in most factions they oversee. TL;DR: MORE ROLEPLAY, LESS OOC, CUT /b
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