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  1. Can we just revert to default interiors pls ♥ tyyyy
  2. I get where you're coming from but not all of us map for profit, I just get people to cover the costs because I enjoy mapping I don't make anything from it and don't take it as an ic exchange.
  3. Get ittttttt. Looks good 💯
  4. Loved this character to bits, you played him well and I've enjoyed all our interactions, been a key component in my character dev for Lia, gutted. 💙
  5. Loved every minute I spent with these characters, went down like champions. Big sad, ♥ u all.
  6. Fully support this, also helps when we throw fundraiser car washes, that way we don't need admins on standby. 😅
  7. @Gatsby @Alyssa McCarthy @Zani @joziah @JD123 @Cascade @celestialrage @Prod @Sciandra @Lei @Visceral @J4Y @Galloway @Jigurd @Allerion @Moon @moulton @Knooflook Way too many to name but these guys are awesome and I've had great fun with each of them. 💙
  8. I've done both and have been doing both but since I came back I've been doing Legal RP a lot more and it's been some of the most engaging roleplay I've had in so long. I feel like a lot of people chase money as a means to fuel their roleplay and that can be a lot simpler when it comes to illegal IMO but I really could care less about money, I pick engaging roleplay any day.
  9. Well done everyone, especially @Zani ♥
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