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  1. To Whom It May Concern, Congratulations on your new venture; opening your own business certainly is a mark of distinction. There are a few steps required to take next. The registration form and handbook are included with this letter to provide you with additional information and assistance in preparing your business for the first opening. Once the registration form is complete you can submit the form and await review from one of our officials. Remember to obtain a Fire Safety Certificate from the Fire Marshals. Sincerely,
  2. Following an extremely busy year and months of preparation, the City is able to finally unveil the Pillbox Hill Medical Center, led by Director Danielle Shaw, M.D. New renovations are completed and the unit will soon be fully functional. The Los Santos’ hospital sector has been neglected for several years, a lack of funding making the service heavily reliant on private ventures in the clinical field. Under the eye of new leadership, the announcement of the Pillbox Hill program seeks to reform this, overhauling the once underprepared service into a functional and reliable City resource. The Pillbox Hill Medical Center. is the cutting edge of hospital facilities in the state, able to provide extensive care to any and all cases presented to it. The service will support the citizens of Los Santos in every way with a various of departmental services available. Emergency treatment will be offered with no cost, meaning those that need the service the most will not be penalised at such as stressful time. Prescriptions and elective surgeries will have attached costs as standard. There will be an opening ceremony for the Center on Sunday 27th December, 7pm. A Statement from Director Danielle Shaw: “We look beyond the future horizon at what opportunities await us and hope that you will all join us in our excitement for new possibilities. I’d also like to thank the work of Los Santos Government City Operations Officers Charles Lockhart and Marcus Cambridge, for providing us this opportunity to function and provide a better healthcare experience for the residents of Los Santos, as well as extensive support in beginning our operations. At the time this is being published, we are currently hiring for administrative assistants and nurses, with surgeons and Doctors soon to follow, so if you’d like to get involved; check out the government website for those opportunities to get involved. There will be an opening ceremony for the Center on Sunday 27th December, 7pm."
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