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  1. Username: AStrenge Comment: Not surprised. Bringing shame over the office and party for his personal benefits. I smell Impeachment and Prosecution. #NotMyMayor
  2. Username: JesusLovesUs69<3 Comment: Sacrificed for a greater good.
  3. Don't get me wrong, but if you're looking for new active members, why are so many applications still... unhandled? I'm looking forward to see the faction more active! Offers great potential.
  4. Since a new Business Portal is still being developed, GOV cant do much.
  5. Username: LSGOP Mayoral Campaign 2020 Comment: Dear Miss Greyfeather, as already explained to yours, Mister Halford has a really tight schedule facing the Mayoral Election starting tomorrow. We can assure you that we will try our best to facilitate your interview request. Best regards from your LSGOP.
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