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  1. Name: G. Tatum Movie 1: Don't look Up! Movie 2: Scarface
  2. I‘m happy to withdraw my offer in that case.
  3. And 121 don‘t mind it at all.
  4. Merry Christmas all! For part of the community, a Christmas wish has come true - the snow has finally arrived in Los Santos. That same part would also like the snow to stay longer than just 24 hours. And since only democracy can prevail as a form of state and government ((ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง), I (as a supporter of the #TeamSnow community) decided to start a poll. I ask you for active participation, if we do not want to keep the snow a little longer than 24 hours. // EDIT: This is not LA.
  5. Username: ILoveSmoothies Comment: Who's gonna tell them that his name is Barack?
  6. Illexus


    Yes, please. Nobody can deny that snow brings x-mas vibes.
  7. Username: AStrenge Comment: Thank you for your attendance, Miss Holter! However, allow me one remark: Chairman Haney is no longer the Superintendent, but a State Senator 😉
  8. The San Andreas Democratic Party is the political association with the most members within San Andreas state boundries. To carry out our duties, which are primarily the formulation and dissemination of our political agenda, we are seeking qualified personnel for our Party Headquarters in Los Santos. The positions advertised are full-time positions in the Party's administration. Political activity in addition to your job is very much appreciated, but not mandatory. Working for us is easy to be combined with a part-time job or education! WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING: Outreach Agents (Department of Public Affairs) Legislative Assistants (Department of Legislative Affairs) Financial Anaylsts (Department of Finance) Administrative Clerks (Department of Membership Affairs) YOUR PROFILE: You are... ... at least 18 years of age, ... a United State citizen or legal permanent resident, ... experienced in the field you are applying for, ... interested in shaping the future of the Party, ... not convicted of any Felony ... in accordance with the ideals and values of our Party. YOUR BENEFITS: Flexible office hours, Familiar working environment with fixed contact persons, Payment based on perfomance, but never less than $10,000 per payroll period, Paid overtime, Involvement in one of the biggest political associations of the State. APPLICATION PROCESS: Curious? Please fill out the application form and send it to [email protected] (( Forum PM to @Illexus )). We will get in touch with you as soon as possible! Full Name: Date of Birth: Home Address: E-Mail: Phone Number: What Position are you applying for?: Do you possess any prior experience in the field you are applying for? If so, please elaborate: What's your highest level of education?: (( Discord Name )):
  9. Username: GTatum Comment: I could offer an apartment in the city (Vespucci Boulevard) - If interested, feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone (#76682208)
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