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  1. Magnificent I be online tonight 🙂
  2. Going for the buyout price if anyone is interested can be done tonight.
  3. If nobody is interested in a trade with another house, it will be sold for the buyout price.
  4. House for sale & in trade for another house BE MINDFUL THIS IS NOT A PROPERTIES ACTION WITH A LIMIT TIME. Currently offer $322.452 maximum offer $322.452 If interested or you need some specific questions answered or more infomation you can call me at my cellphone: 9797 or mail me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((propertie OOC'ly infomation))
  5. Condition dosen't matter but I prefer a fully revamped, if you have one for sale please contact me so we can sort out a price. Cellphone: 9797. Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  6. Tittles says itself I am very interested in a fitness center, I have a high budget, so the money is not the issue If you have one for sale please let me know, infomation: Email [email protected] ((forum PM)) Cellphone: 9797.
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