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  1. The vehicle has been sold!
  2. Please call me on 6156981 if you're currently available.
  3. If you can, please contact me by phone to arrange a meeting.
  4. I'm looking to sell my Weeny Issi. Looking for approximately $30,000. The vehicle has been maintained and insured, driven very minimally. The lock is really good, but that's about all the upgrades it has. Please see the attached files for pictures. Any and all offers can be placed on the sale page or be sent via text or call to number 6156981.
  5. Lol 😁 I know you're kidding but I'd never work as an escort, stripper or the like. Simply because I'm interested in some more elaborate jobs. But thanks, I'll browse those sections for a while and see what comes up!
  6. Hi! I've been inactive for around a year. Back in 2019 I used to roleplay and have my character work for Weazel News. Still roleplaying the same character but don't have the attention span and time investment to hunt for scoops and write news articles anylonger. I'm curious if there's other jobs my character (with that experience) could potentially do on gta.world for a job. I've considered voluenteer for the LSFD, specially because my character Zofia has always had affinity and interest towards that field, even as a journalist intern. But at the moment, recruitment isn't open so I'm just trying to broaden by horizon a little further.
  7. You would think only fancy vehicles are lease vehicles.. but no, here the beach buggy offroad kind of car is a lease vehicle. Lol I cannot even find the option anywhere in the UCP to lease anything.
  8. Short description: I would really like to aee the BF injection on the server. Detailed description: While the BF Injection was previously just another sand buggy in previous GTA versions, right now it actually looks like a car. It would be really nice to see it introduced to GTA:W. Commands to add: n/a Items to add: n/a How would your suggestion improve the server? Personally I believe that any extra customization that allows your character to be expressed like cars or clothing is an inprovement. Additional information: I cannot find any argument against this car. I can’t be sure why this car was not added in the first place.
  9. Has this dress been found yet and if so, could it be added? Probably one of the better looking dresses, compared to what we have now. Which is very low poly. If not, I will see if I can make it myself.
  10. Not sure if any of this was requested. But I made a thread before on the forums, where I had a lot of clothes gathered in as well. I think most of what I had was already requested but I didn't see these: Cute dress for MP Female - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com) Denim Dress for MP Female [SP / FiveM] - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com) Dress pack (3 dresses) for MP Female - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com) Top with gold chain for MP female - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com) Highwaisted Shorts For MP Female - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com) HD Camo Textures Shorts - GTA5-Mods.com (gta5-mods.com)
  11. Komoda has been sold.
  12. @syla0If you're available now, I'd be up to do the sale.
  13. Barely used and driven Komoda Sports. Excellent breaks, engine and transmission. No anti-theft and basic lock and alarm level. Starting bid: $95,000 Buyout: $130,000 For serious offers, e-mail [email protected] ((forum PM or reply)).
  14. Too bad I sold my custom interior which I made, almost a year ago. Otherwise I'd have shown it off too! Good luck to all entries!
  15. Username: J. Brooks Comment: Just reading this article made me think of Happy memories, for sure!
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