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  1. Willing to offer the asking price.
  2. Vehicle sold. This can be locked.
  3. Currently leading. The auction will end today at 7 PM GMT.
  4. Looking to sell my bike as I'm no longer in need for it. ((OOC Info)) Starting bid: $10,000 Minimum increase: $500 Buyout: $20,000
  5. ikr, imagine being a college student and not do stupid shit!!!1!!1!1!11!!11!!!
  6. Username: youngblonddon Comment: get a life you perv, jesus christ, and this guy somehow wasn't arrested, lol.
  7. Give me a call - #1780757
  8. I'm looking to sell my Vapid Dominator. Performance and Security packages included. Starting bid: $45,000 Buyout: $50,000 ((OOC Info))
  9. Looking to sell my bike. (( OOC INFO)) Starting bid: 20000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 25000
  10. Tenants have been found. This can be locked for the time being.
  11. Property has been rented until 17/07/2021 by one tenant. There is space for one more.
  12. Current state: Not Available. Renting a beautiful and spacious apartment in the middle of the city, having most of the facilities close to and a great view. Tenant must be willing to live with another person. Pets are allowed. Smoking is allowed. Prices: $7,000 per week $25,000 per month Information: Quiet area Two bedrooms Spacious living room Great view Indoor jacuzzi XM Radio Tenant is to pay every Sunday/Monday or 1st of every month Payment can be done through bank or hand to hand Location: Apartment: Room #1: Room #2: Living Room/Kitchen: Those interested in renting it, are to call/sms 1793812 or email me ((Forum PM)). ((OOC: Player must be active and long term tenant. Trolling will not be accepted. Activity is a must.))
  13. Vehicle was sold. This can be locked.
  14. Looking to sell my Dinka-Double T. Starting big: $35,000 Minimum increase: $500 Buyout: $40,000 ((/vstats))
  15. I would like to buy the Comet if it's still available.
  16. Vehicle has been sold.
  17. Selling my Penumbra. It comes with performance packages, visual modifications alongside an anti-theft system, alarm and low mileage. Starting bid: 30,000$ Buyout: 38,000$ ((/vstats))
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