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  1. We didn't always get along and might have not been nice to each other, but you've always been dedicated and I have to give that to you. Rest in peace, bud.

  2. ''Domestic violent extremists, including those motivated by racial or ethnic beliefs and anti-government or anti-authority grievances, remain one of the most significant terrorist threats to the United States.'' That's a quoted section of an article published by the Department of Homeland Security; either way, whatever you want to call it, if it's Domestic Terrorism or just plain murder, it shouldn't be happening at the rate it is. When it's that bad that people just stop doing traffic stops, or overall, just stop responding to calls? That's shit. And when LEO factions try to enforce it somehow, like the LSSD who for two days did stop and search and basically ''bullied'' the people around Forum Drive for killing three deputies in Death Alley, it gets blocked because ''it's not fair''.
  3. When you have ten officers die in a single night during an ambush with automatic rifles, and a SEB convoy with a prisoner gets ambushed by automatic rifles three times; that's Domestic Terrorism. The main point I have is the level of responses, and how I'm supposed to incorporate it into my roleplay, as an LEO. If at least an officer dies a day, how am I exactly supposed to roleplay around that? I can't, because I don't think there would be a single person who would actually be in a job like that; that's like a higher mortality rate than the United States Army in Afghanistan. The same goes for a level of law enforcement response. If you have somebody kill a cop and somehow get away from the initial scene? You won't only have the one agency looking for the person, searching EVERY part of the city but the whole damn state. You'd have every agency that works law enforcement in that area, and well, the rest of the state looking for that one person. You just can't do that here, because, we'd just be searching ALL the time.
  4. I spend approximately an hour every time I play as a third party to an admin scene
  5. I find it interesting how every single issue has a topic created about it, IC or OOC. This entire issue is an IC one, that your character got denied from a CCW because the person handling doesn't feel like you're fitting into the clause is completely IC, you going to forums and going out of your way to complain yo hopefully get them to change something is mildly entertaining. How about you try and get change ICly, go to republican senators, ask them to introduce a bill which would intruct FLD to stop enforcing the clause, wouldn't that make it more interesting?
  6. I'll just add my two cents here, I've been roleplaying on the server since late 2018 and early 2020 as an LEO, and I've only seen the situation worse then it is right now during the PK war week where LS turned into a bunch of war-lords committing a mass killing. I understand that some people don't want to create a real life out of yhis game, and I'm not one of them, but a lot of people don't find it fun to deal with shootouts all the time. I do honestly miss all the non-violent calls, like, the most fun call I've had in the past couple of months was dragging a crazy dude off of a bench who believed aliens captured his dog, why? Because I was actually roleplating. For me personally, and I'll ask the question from my perspective, what's that fun about responding to shootings? I don't find it fun, it's more script-wise stuff then actual roleplay, I'd much rather deal with somebody calling because they got robbed, I can at least RP with them, how am I supposed to RP with a dead-body? There needs to be a fine line between a healthy amount of shootings, which don't have to be the real-life LA statistic, and what we have currently. It's just not healthy for the server.
  7. I'd love to see some sort of Air National Guard and Army National Guard. +1 This counts into a lot of responses where the military might provide support, such as the Davis riot, and other rescue operations as needed. But overall, I think it would be a good idea as long as the right leadership with the right mindset is selected.
  8. In all honesty, I don't think it's feasible. At this point, if this was true? The only thing I'll be doing is driving from MVA to MVA and dealing with them purely, which would be fun as I wouldn't have to deal with a GSW for a bit, but still, would completely ruin the roleplay for most people involved. Maybe the issue isn't everyone trying to void car-crashes but steering wheel monkeys holding down their W button to see if their box with wheels can really make it to 120 MPH as advertised in downtown Los Santos.
  9. +1 good for both legal and illegal roleplayers
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