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  1. There's a reason why this server and most RP servers stray sway from larger state agencies like the California's Bureau of Investigation or their federal versions such as Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marshals and the agency being noted here, Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms aka ATF. It's a complicated answer but I'll put it in one simple term, lack of jurisdiction. As for why, it's very simple. State agencies such as in our case LSPD and LSSD are there to enforce state law, meaning the State Penal Code and other acts and codes such as SHAFT code etc while on the other hand federal agencies are there to enforce federal law meaning the federal rule of law, constitution and other relevant acts or codes to what the specific agency does. We, at least from a script perspective, don't roleplay federal law because it would make the already overloaded and complicated system all the more complicated, one of the other things is that a lot of the stuff that is enforced by the ATF is on the federal level which even if implemented, crime of which it could be counted to be federal doesn't happen in game that much. My final touch is the fact that if we wanted this properly, we'd need proper wheels and infrastructure for it. What I mean is a federal district court, federal court of appeals and federal supreme court; federal attorney general's office as well as solicitator general and other offices needed for the proper running of a realistic justice system. Just get a taskforce between the two agencies, that's the easy solution.
  2. Each faction has their own way of internal dispatching, LSPD is reflective of the LAPD system, LSSD is more or less very similar to the LASD system. Reason why it works IRL is because there are geographical areas defined in the map in conjunction with jurisdiction, meaning, depending where are are within the Los Angles Area, different agency will be called. What I mean is that, if a person was to call 911 from Compton, it would be re-routed to the LASD's Sheriff's Communication Center because the whole City of Compton is under the control, law enforcement wise, of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Now, if you call from let's say Hollywood? Your area would be picked up by the Los Angeles Police Department because i.e. it's their jurisdiction, while if you call for fire /ems, it gets routed to their operations center, aka what they call ''Fire Metro''. Simply put, a system like that is not viable at all from any sort of stand-point. Even currently, it's very stressful and time consuming to do dispatch, for every faction, and is a job which a lot of the time isn't done. I'm talking from experience, since I was one of the people leading charge for the LSPD to adopt a full civilian dispatch position, and yes, I do still agree that it can be done. But a inter-departmental system to handle 911 calls? No, simple not viable with how we function, and since that is not how it's done IRL. -1 from me.
  3. I will damn RP a Boeing AH-64 Apache with two General Electric T700-GE-701 turboshaft engines; 1× 30 mm (1.18 in) M230 Chain Gun with 1,200 rounds as part of the Area Weapon Subsystem, four pylon stations on the stub wings with longbows also have a station on each wingtip for an AIM-92 Stinger twin missile pack, hydra 70 70 mm, CRV7 70 mm, and APKWS 70 mm air-to-ground rockets, AGM-114 Hellfire variants; AIM-92 Stinger and Spike missiles if it makes me happy!
  4. I think this puts what I think into perspective rather well. In terms of what I do specifically, yeah, even if I look at it from the realistic standpoint of RPing a Law Enforcement Officer. If the amount of shooting, officer deaths, and in general situations, almost every LEO would have PTSD, and the State of San Andreas would be in a constant state of emergency with the National Guard patrolling the streets and every officer walking with a long-gun and driving a fully armored vehicle. Some things just can't be done because as said before, they would be boring. Finding a good mix between realistic and fun is the most important thing, and the forefront of that is emotions in my opinion.
  5. I did not hit her.
  6. As said above, I see absolutely no down sight to this suggestion, will remove the burden of having to /cuff the person multiple times to reset the animation if they want to take screenshots, etc or just completely ignoring /cuff just for them to have the ability to do some sort of animation they wish to do, also, the ground cuffed animations seems flipping sweet and once again, would have absolutely no down sight to it being added.
  7. Willing to go for buyout as well if the previous isn't interested anymore.
  8. Willing to pay $240,000 with the twenty-four hour waiting process skipped.
  9. Please don't remove them, I love all the search warrants LSPD and LSSD can get off of them. I'll insert the meme here.
  10. Even though it's been a decent amount of time, here is my take on this. The answer is fairly simple for both the LSPD and LSSD, and it's simply a fact that a lot of the crimes that we get called to aren't investigated, with the reason as to why being rather complicated and dependant on the player that is playing the officer, one of the main reasons is paperwork and it's ratio. As stated and I think beyond proven at this point, the servers crime rate is basically much more higher then of any metropolitan area in the United States, with a lot of shootings, murders and robberies happening daily if not hourly at some points through the night, with about 30-40 law enforcement officers patrolling the streets, from time to time we can be very much stretched and short staffed even with the numbers since some situations require more officers and some less, but let's specifically talk about paperwork. For the sake of our justice system and that it's a roleplay server law enforcement roleplayers are required to do a decent amount of paperwork surrounding their position which a lot of us really don't like and if the night is busy and the person pleas not guilty, I can very well spend around half of my playing session on the Mobile Data Computer filling out information, typing a narrative, etc. Which I don't specifically mind but I know a lot of others aren't a fan of. With that being said, a lot of the times the factor if a crime will be further investigated is if the primary officer conducts his preliminary investigation properly and if he forwards an incident report towards detectives which isn't mandatory and I never want it to be mandatory, why? Simple, a lot of the crimes that we respond to are very much situations where we can deal with them on scene by arresting, issuing citations, issuing trespass orders, written warnings or such and when it comes to other incidents, at least ninety percent of the time there is no possible and reliable way to conduct an actual investigation into them and one that is actually worth a detectives time. If I arrive to a body where it is a PK, there are no casings, witnesses and absolutely NO forensic evidence, what am I exactly supposed to do with it? Nothing, I can do literally nothing, so I'll call DMEC (Department of Medical Examiner and Coroner) to pick up the body and drive off until I come over the almost same scene once again, and this is just not limited to finding a body with no evidence but also a lot other scenes such as robberies at gun-point where they give us the description of guy wearing a mask, wearing a black clothing, riding a black bike and that is it, can't do almost anything with that. To put it simply at the end, it's a game, and we'll always treat it as such meaning we won't waste 30 minutes of our time that we are investing into the community writing up a meaningless incident report for a scene which can hardly investigated even if, or pushing out reports for every single 911 call I respond to since it would turn on his from a roleplay server to paperwork simulator, and almost nobody finds that fun. (I kind of do.)
  11. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to point out, people on this topic are specifically saying that what we are doing is highly unrealistic in terms of response numbers and response time, I simply listed the city that we, the server and mainly law enforcement agencies, are trying to portray which is Los Angeles. I took the real numbers and pointed out that if we were to do it realistically it would simply be ridiculous with the numbers and such, that's all, I in no way agree that it should be limited in terms of response time and the thought of having two officers in order for it to be realistic is beyond retarded. To attach another reason, crime rate. If I pull out the same area I was talking about which is Central Area and it's crime statistics which are done monthly by the COMPSTAT Unit you can understand why we should in no way try to emulate realistic response times to emergencies, here is the report: I don't think I need to explain much, it's pretty obvious that the crime-rate only in South Central is much higher, in terms of violent crime, then an actual Area within Los Angeles where over 100,000 people live. Once again, I understand that putting this against a server is unfair in a sense, but what I am trying to do is put things into perspective, that's all.
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