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  1. Nope, fuck Blizzard and their support of censorship.
  2. That would be fun, but the main problem being is they are usually autonomous cells with no real leaders, etc. They don't work large scale, it would have to be like 5-6 people. I guess it could work if it was just a bunch of liberal college kids but a real antifa would be Anarchists and communists and by definition they couldn't have leaders or ranks etc. Eventually someone would try to take control then it's just not viable anymore.
  3. Because that's what fucking Rockstar does. They're the kings of double dipping. Sure it won't be purely PS5 exclusive but they'll release it only on PS5, then 6 months later release it only PS4/Xbox One, then a year after the original release it will come out on PC, and plenty of retards will buy it twice, if not 3 times to reinforce their behaviour. Just like they did with GTA 5 and just like they did with RDR2.
  4. Used to play on Crazy Bob's Cops and Robbers back in the SA-MP days. Was bored and wanted to see if something like that existed for GTA 5, then googled my way into a rabbit hole that lead to rp servers. Almost went to Eclipse cause it had more people at the time (just people logged in, not users) and it was basically a coin toss in my head. edit: words
  5. This zine can be seen hanging from light poles, coffee shop windows, and littered on the ground. This particular copy is missing a few pages.
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