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  1. TFlats was wild, but deeply cared and loved by its own members. It went through three iterations but it's time to finally let go! It's been wild watching everybody do their thing though. I hope whoever takes over TFlat's area is prepared to deal with all the shenanigans that come with the spot. TUUUUWUUUU!
  2. Oh absolutely. I feel like there's a lot of benefits to this, generally making these areas feel a little more useful and lively. A nice blue-collar job that would fit a lot of different people's backstory. Would also make use of the jackhammer and welding animations, etc.
  3. The chopshop system has needed a revamp for a while but it's understandbly not a huge priority for the server. I think the only issue I have with this system is lockpicks being requested through IFM. However it does seem funny to lockpick a car just for car parts to craft a lockpick so you can keep picking cars. It also is funny that if you wanted a steady stream of knives and dusters, you would have to arrange a deal with a mechanic's shop... Here's my suggestion from a while ago. (Shameless plug) TL;DR - Car part values are hidden. Modded cars give more car parts. A particular model of car can only be chopped once per cycle to prevent farming. Uninsured cars risk higher insurance rates for being chopped or losing their mods.
  4. This. Taking the cell towers in game and adjust cellphone signal would be cool. Poor connectivity could result in a delay in between texts and eventually unavailable to send texts. A worse signal could take longer to trace a phone as well. A minor but useful and fun mechanic perhaps.
  5. Would be cool as shit for sure.
  6. You have the right to ignore any /b there is. Besides it's better to have it enabled for evidence anyways. If you don't have the self control to ignore somebody's comments in /b then idk. Truthfully by giving players the option to toggle /b youre limiting communication and if anything, the server needs more communication between players.
  7. I don't think making a general discussion post over a report is how to respond to this. You're better off reaching out to staff but since this topic is already posted... I think shooting at the car is stupid. However, I think that it was a stupid response to a stupid "roleplay" scene. A "sideshow" is a group of people who gather and block off an intersection or parkinglot for the purpose of putting on a show for the crowd, which is usually donuts and burnouts. What this person was doing was not a sideshow, but general trolling and just..fail roleplay. It doesn't make sense to take your car to a neighborhood you don't know (let alone a gang neigborhood)and start doing burnouts with no crowd and only serving to draw attention to police. It's not even drifting either. They are causing property damage to a private residential neighborhood where the people who live there have a great amount of respect for neighborhood. Sideshows don't happen randomly in people's residential neighborhoods, they're planned and arranged and usually done at populated intersections or parkinglots. It's possible that if this person was banned, it was over an extensive history and not just this one event. But again, making a general discussion post isn't the way to approach a punishment you don't agree with.
  8. The length of your /message don't matter. As long as your roleplay is clear then you're fine. It's absolutely stupid to think that the amount of characters you type matters. "/me extends her left arm and curls her finger around the interior door release of the driver's side exit, pulling it gently and tugging it as it unlatches before leaning into the door, swinging it open as she swings her leg out, setting her foot on the pavement." "/me pops the door and hops out." While some people would say the second example is too simple, the first one isn't inherently better because it's longer.
  9. Yeah - no. It's going to be like hunting rifles, people will get robbed for their vests. Can you imagine how ridiculous that is and how ridiculous that sounds? I honestly don't trust the illegal community. You will eventually have a scenario with 4 gangbangers, coked up on 200hp will attack another gang and it'll be bonkers. Yeah sure you could implement rules but even one gangbanger coked up on 200hp with an AK is going to be an absolute menace.
  10. Yeah I feel if a pawnshop can have a nice sleek menu then why not inventories for cars, homes, and personal belongings. Would be nice to also have the option for the text-based way since the information is concise and condensed compared to a nice little interface.
  11. Beholder

    Weapon recoil.

    I'd like this. It's honestly just too easy for anybody to pick up up a gun and shoot full-auto from 100m like a laser. This means training actually matters and inexperience would show.
  12. So treat red lights like stop signs where somebody objectively has the right of way, but when you get T-Boned for treating it like a stop sign, it's your fault? Leaving a parkinglot is not the same as an intersection. Also yes, in real life, there are rules and laws where no two people have the same right of way at the same time. There's a serious flaw in saying to treat a red light like a stop sign while also saying that you don't have the right of way and it's your fault for any crashes? There's some logic gates here that aren't being met. Anyways, thanks for your input but I'll have to disagree on this one.
  13. If you stop at a red, don't see a car, then continue and somebody rolls through a green light and hits you (or you hit them, w/e) both players had the right of way. It's not painfully simple when there's a clear way that the current system gives both players the right of way at the same time. You're not taking into account so many other things, the speed of both cars, the duration of a stop the car takes at the red light, the visibility both cars have on each other, typing, etc. If it was painfully simple then this topic wouldn't have 10 pages.
  14. By this logic, you will have scenes where neither player is at fault because both had the right of way, absolutely flawed. We just need to pick a ruleset and stick with it.
  15. The trauma of dealing with victims guilt after a rape scene is exactly that, trauma and uncomfortable. It will create lots of uncomfortable aftermath roleplay for the victim beyond the initial event. Unable to decline torture requests will lead to many more handicapped people. Fingers sure, but you're gonna have people that have their entire character development absolutely ruined by somebody who just wanted to chop off a limb "because I'm a monster/psycho/Illegal rper". No. Absolutely not. Consent exists for a reason. Stop trying to remove consent.
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