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  1. Cameron

    Tug Fishing

    Short description: Provide persons using tug boats with locations to sell fish near the harbour / shore. Detailed description: At the moment, when fishing with a tug, when you use /sellfish, it gives you any spot in San Andreas, some of which are in the middle of the city. Tug boats take 100000g of inventory space and if you are using a slow boat and having to go to the shore to make repeated runs to the middle of the city in a car, it is quite unrealistic. In real life, boats come into a harbour and off load their stock and are ready to go back out to the water. Commands to add: /sellcatch ? Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would make fishing with a tug boat more appealing as i've been doing it for hours now and have been unable to sell any of my fish as it keeps giving me locations in the middle of Los Santos. Additional information:
  2. I remember you! I was Christopher Monroe / Peter Mitchell / Kevin Moore.
  3. I was on all of those servers too, I remember your name! My characters were Peter Mitchell, Kevin Moore and Christopher Monroe.
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