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  1. As long as you PEACABLY protest, go for it. I think it's excellent. Yell at cops, insult them, demand change, whatever. But almost every single protest I've heard of has turned into a riot which has then turned into a shootout which is just so, so, so demotivating for every cop involved. It's not fun. It's chaotic. It's mentally draining to deal with 50 people running around trying to kill cops or whatever left-right-center. I always log off before protests exactly for this reason.
  2. Pulling over (M) driving a $400,000 car who then tries to kill me, a cop.
  3. Username: oldwarrior25 Comment: honestly shocks me how a sheriff's department names their operation that will be conducted in a majority black neighborhood something so racist. Have they no shame?
  4. I just want to put this out there: any roleplay with IMEX has always been super good. `Keep up the great work guys!
  5. As someone in PD I rarely ever even see SWAT. I don't think it's quite as widespread as it's been led to believe. However with how there's a shootout about once every 30 minutes I'd say roll in the National Guard, DHS, FBI, ATF, DEA, etc.
  6. This is wild. Though, how do we find out our own blood type? 😮
  7. Username: patriot1986 Comment: thank u for ur service !! #backtheblue #thinblueline
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