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  1. Raven.


    Sold anyway. Main post updated.
  2. This makes me question why no one steps in.
  3. If those cat ears would actually be used for costumes rather than some individuals running around with them 24/7 & living out their fantasy type character (Second Life, IMVU etc etc), no one would care really. I'm personally not a big fan of recent additions of certain "clothing" either, but there's not much one can do but to complain and/or to avoid using them. I personally stick to vanilla GTA clothing and a handful of normal looking clothes that came with the past clothing mod updates. Edit: I would fully agree to have those ears added back if they would used properly. As a part of a costume, nothing more. Everything else should be pointed out to admins. (Like the infamous cat ear PF warriors for example lol)
  4. Please lets not. 🤣 Sometimes I feel like I'm playing Second Life already instead of GTA:W.
  5. Offering $110.000.
  6. Closing bid in one hour, given we're reaching the buyout soon at this rate. Main post updated with the deadline on the bidding.
  7. Full Name: R. Wolf Signature: Rw Comment (optional): Let's make Paleto great again!
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