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Being a EMT isn't a easy job - It's a ticking time bomb

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Mitch    201

OP updated with credits and big thanks.


A log is added into the handbook

Busy few days, had a day in court, met my bitch ex-wife, who frankly still tries to pull money from me, that I don't even have, she petitioned for even more assets to be collected from me, she can get fucked. I got no idea how I can string together 7 grand in a week, I can't do any more overtime at work, or people will start asking questions. All I got now is a shitty lease in Rancho, guess its better than nothing, its shit hole but I really can't complain. The house must of been raided or some shit, it stinks of weed. All I got now is like, a bunch of booze, me and a TV. 


Internal Affairs has had a 'chat' with me, about Love's IA, I think I'm fine, hope she gets hit by a fuckin' train, I simply can't keep doing this to myself though, all this overtime, done back to back to back 10-hour night shifts, it's going to kill me, all this death. but it's what comes first, a home invasion, alcohol, or whatever. Meh, here's to the next log, or whatever the fuck this really is. 




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Mitch    201

Log #007B

Life continues as "Normal" as I can get it, work is improving gradually, I'm grateful for my friends in the Department, it's a true brotherhood, Nick, Mark, Rox, the lot of them. I'd take a bullet for them all, but some day karma will truly catch up to me and bite me on the ass. My ex-wife is finally out the picture, maybe I can truly relax and enjoy my life a bit more... On the bright side, my hair is slowly coming back, no more baldie, heh. 


credits @KinnyWynny

*A day later*






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KinnyWynny    52
Posted (edited)


Edited by KinnyWynny

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