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  1. KinnyWynny

    To put it into another perspective. Last week we had 36 shooting calls over the course of three days, with dozens of victims that completely overwhelmed Fire Department personnel at night. They were all in the same three neighborhoods, Brouge, Grove, and Forum. Ain't that a little unreasonable?
  2. KinnyWynny

    Just a few examples I wanted to add. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/02/los-angeles-police-shoot-dead-homeless-man-grabbed-gun https://www.laweekly.com/the-militarization-of-police-started-in-los-angeles/
  3. KinnyWynny

    Isn’t it kind of a conflicting point saying that PD’s fear RP is abysmal, but also complaining when PD brings 3-4 cruisers to every situation? If I was an officer who feared for my life, I’d like some backup so the guy I pulled over doesnt shoot me because he has dope in the car. It’s not inherently unrealistic either. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/383681/ https://www.lsureveille.com/daily/opinion-police-training-in-us-makes-officers-paranoid-fearful/article_03eab8f2-c777-11e4-b2e4-a7fdef82b793.html And Officers totally can arrest you over insults. Yeah it’s unconstitutional, but it happens. Cops in the US are very... whats the phrase... hit or miss?
  4. KinnyWynny

    Oh yeah I figured. The actual idea is really dumb. People would troll considering how recent and how it's still happening irl. Almost every roleplay community is not mature enough to tackle hard-hitting issues that are super recent. A pandemic would be a shit-show ingame. Just wanted to get that point across tho, because people approach the FD sometimes like we're the CDC in full hazard equipment.
  5. KinnyWynny

    The Fire Department is not the CDC. We would not be the organization going out with test-kits to give to people with symptoms. That's up to local health departments, federal departments like the CDC, HS. Not your local handy-dandy EMS department. Not usually anyways.
  6. Take part in daring rescues, saves lives, be the difference. The Los Santos County Fire Department is hiring full-time Firefighters, civilian mechanics, and Volunteer Firefighters. Send in an application today! ((https://lsfd.gta.world/))
  7. KinnyWynny

  8. KinnyWynny

    sneak-peak and first post stuff
  9. KinnyWynny

    Bernie McHoligan Jacknall Personnel File Full name: Bernie McHoligan Jacknall Place of Birth: Big Timber, Montana Current Residence: Palmino Avenue, Vespucci Beach Height: 5'11 Eye color: Green Hair Color: Dark Black Current Rank: Fire Lieutenant in charge of Squad two, B-Shift, Station Seven Divisions: Maritime, Training and Recruitment Disciplinary record: Suspension - FEB/15/2020 - FEB/17/2020 General Background Montana is a land of natural resources, trees, salmon, freshwater, natural beauty, what it doesn't really have, are people. Big Timber is a prime example of 'small' town, barely a thousand or more people, for miles on end. Bernie ended up being born there, on the McHolihan-Jacknall Ranch, he was born into a large prime midwestern family, with three brothers and one sister, he was the runt of the ramble. The youngest of all five. Going into high-school ended being worse for the runt, between getting himself into trouble, antics, and pure ba-fuggery. This ended up tanking his High School career. After an incident involving a log, a cold river, an Aldermann's son, and a bear, near ended up with two people going into a hospital, Bernie included. This led to his father giving him a note in his bedroom, not really forcing the issue face-to-face like any good nervous catholic, the note simply read 'Join the Military.' Montana has a long history of sending its sons to the Army, from the days of Abraham Lincoln to the Korean War. So Bernie joined the United States Coast Guard, a service primarily focused on waterborne operations, the biggest body of water in Montana is a lake. The Coast Guard found Bernie his true calling, being helpful. Not in the simple politeness most Midwestern's show, but truly being helpful. Saving lives, jumping into danger, and saving the folk who need saving. Six months into his first year of service, he entered into the Boatswain's mate rate program, becoming one of the many men and women who the Coast Guard deems fit enough to drive small-boats out to emergencies on America's coast. From there, he was assigned to San Fierro Small-Boat Station 17. Only leaving for a short deployment to Maine, and then he was back in San Fierro. The good times didn't last, and Bernie eventually left the service, deciding that two terms of active duty was enough service to be proud of. He reconnected with a friend from Montana in Los Santos, and had to adjust to civilian life from there on out. Two months of trouble led to his hands becoming too idle for his taste, he decided on leaning on what he was good at. He signed up to Volunteer for the Los Santos Fire Department. He's been there ever since. This thread follows his story, good and bad, in the Los Santos Fire Department.
  10. KinnyWynny

    EMT perspective here! PKs are incredibly annoying to deal with from an EMS point of view. People purposefully PK after minor injuries to avoid RP, jail-time or a whole mess of things. We had a guy once /me bleeds out from a minor leg wound and PK. but on the other hand, without PK’s we’d have CK’s every couple of minutes. On a daily basis we get three to eight body calls, and three to five calls where the patient is DOA or shot in the head and unreviable. Maybe if we had free name changes or something to the likes. But logistically, PKs are the only way to handle the influx of deaths we get on a daily basis. Even if it’s insanely annoying that people PK to avoid RPing with EMT’s, no other way around it. And the Amnesia thing wouldn’t work well, there’s stuff in the works on the medical side that wouldn’t allow for magical Amnesia.
  11. KinnyWynny

  12. KinnyWynny

    Class Bravo Fire at SAF. Responding units: Engine 71 Engine 72 RAT 71 Quint 71 RB 72 Knockdown called at 8:46 PM.
  13. KinnyWynny