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  1. KinnyWynny

    Oh no worries! It was just a joke. 🙂
  2. KinnyWynny

    Nice helicopter shot you HACKS. ❤️ from the fire department. Great vid guys!
  3. KinnyWynny

    Brand new faction trailer!
  4. KinnyWynny

    The Los Santos Fire Department's submission:
  5. KinnyWynny

    Per an emergency response perspective, street racing is... well not done well to put it nicely. I've seen cars run into walls, run into RA's, fly higher then a helicopter. And what's the worse injury the driver gets? "My leg's scratched/fractured/i'm unconscious but with little head trauma" And for the car itself? "It's dented." If you're going to do something stupid, at least make the consequences interesting. I'll add that this is highly anecdotal. But if you guys crash into something, just put some effort into it. Makes it more fun when we get six MVA's in an hour to respond too.
  6. KinnyWynny

    "Gotta be the yoga."
  7. KinnyWynny

  8. KinnyWynny

    "Mayday. Mayday."