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  1. maybe it will need to be refined as time progresses and as we familiarize ourselves with it but its 100% a step in the right direction moving forward IMO
  2. 1357

    Car /b

    Just use (( )) brackets while in /cw if it's important or /pm.
  3. To the person who said cherry blues are similar to red, they're nothing alike. Don't get a red switch expecting it to be similar to blue. Blues require more force to push down and are louder. Reds are generally quiet and very light to press. Each switch is fairly unique. You can look up videos on YouTube to hear how each switch sounds to get a general idea. If you're still using a membrane keyboard, invest in a mechanical keyboard. Don't cheap out on one either. Turn on your brain, do your research and once you're ready just grab one from a reputable brand. A site i'd recommend is mechanicalkeyboards.
  4. I'm surprised most people are content with restricting ourselves to limited lore w/ the sole intent of being comedic. It's based off real life entities with ridiculous naming to prevent copyright and licensing issues. I'm also sure actual branding would also not wish to concatenate their brand with a game such as GTA which is another reason they would choose to go this route. It doesn't mean the server has to. It's completely free to use the superior alternative. One that is much more dynamic. On top of this, while it's already been said, it's completely true. Reality offers more variety, obviously. The user will be limited in choice of options if the server chooses to be restrictively centered around GTA and its fictional lore. Presumably the intentions of this server is to echo a reality as similarly and accurately parallel to the real world. Yet we want to base the worlds entities off comedic and limited branding that isn't even meant to be taken seriously. If you want consistency, ditch this idea. Stop trying to restrict players to this garbage. It's not meant to be taken literal. I'm fairly certain R* would have even used real life naming conventions for the most part had the factors above not needed to be taken into account. I'm personally content with cars being identified virtually to how it exists now. While though it shouldn't cause an outcry if someone chooses to refer to their vehicle by what it's inspired and predominately based around. Only so long as the players purpose isn't to sell the vehicle. Just to avoid any potential confusion for someone who may not exactly be car savvy. Everything else though, in relation to: drinks, clothing and apparel alike, and cigarettes for example should be considered acceptable. We aren't in the 40's/50's where only Camels, Chesterfields and Luckies existed. There is no "continuity" or consistency between fiction and non fiction. It is honestly a major waste of time. I agree. Stop dictating and limiting what players are allowed to role play. I'd personally much rather have more access to a dramatically larger array of branding and other commodities in general than the little bit that the game itself consists of.
  5. 1357

    Illegal Roleplay

    Losing those who are close to a character or are meaningful to a characters development is not nearly as existent as it should be. It's essentially a missing quality of role play which has been so since the beginning of gta related servers. The problem lies within people who figuratively believe it is entirely impossible to improve on what we've become accustomed to for so many years and only in a perfect world can we attempt better ideas. It's very closed minded and we treat and perceive it as if it's an unimaginable science. People may read the above and be quick to assume i'm advocating all deaths to be permanent but that's not necessarily true. For starters, i most certainly and personally believe the few servers alike to ours in the sense both are on Grand Theft Auto, which have approached this concept in attempts to make it work, did so poorly, which led to it not working and also leading people to think this way. It's understandable, to an extent. Secondly, i also believe that the Rules of Engagement should reverse back to how it worked in the past with additional adjustments. It seemingly imposed character kills in faction wars on death, but subsequently was put back to PK centric deaths. The problem with this is, players are shooting at others and committing illicit activities or simply put crime, without taking their characters life or other non lethal consequences into consideration, such as prison and jail time. This is leading to all the fun without the risk that should be attached to it. From my perspective, this conclusively encourages poorly thought out attacks and character actions in general. Finding ways to induce the adrenaline rush in players who wish to perform acts that are otherwise dangerous. There's already been multiple people who have confirmed and said the same thing in layman's terms. With how prevalent crime is on the server, to balance it out requires more imposed risk and improve on police to have a more meaningful presence to counter act and effectively combat the crime. It's something that should be handled in character by all means possible, but instead mainly enforced around rules that players are restrictively bound to. Gang beefs should be entertained on a higher level. There's a whole different world of gang role play and in general role play that is missing because deaths and risk are non existent. Only once people are ready to stop treating the server as cops and robbers and are willing to experience something new for once can any idea on a similar level come to fruition. If that means a few players lost then so be it, but that's only implying it's impossible to find a medium to appeal mostly everyone, similar to how it is now. The server is still so young that it's not too late to change its direction and carefully experiment. I say carefully because everything should of course be treated as presumptive as possible.
  6. 1357

    Illegal Roleplay

    But there's nothing wrong with that. People do get their shit kicked in for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and sometimes even worse, like losing their life. You cannot possibly think it's OK to limit someone who chooses to play as a hostile character, do you? Words affect different types of people differently. I understand where you're coming from. It's the vast majority of players who role play as if they're invincible, but instead of dictating it's poor or wrong for players to play like this, essentially limiting character concepts, how else could this be resolved while still giving players the freedom to play how they want? I don't find anything wrong with a simple faction thread and the players responsible proving their capability by letting their role play speak for itself. Faction Management on the other hand views otherwise, sadly.
  7. 1357

    Illegal Roleplay

    Personally i don't see anything wrong with it. What i do find wrong is these characters allowed to act in such a way and get pissed off when its them who's on the losing end. I'm not intentionally trying to detract the topic at hand, but how many of these characters do you think would still act this way and not take into account the risks involved if their life was able to be put on the line? Just food for thought.
  8. 1357

    Illegal Roleplay

    If anything this server consists of more normal civ based role play than it does illegal. I would argue that there's more active characters that don't partake in illegal role play. The problem is, you have these players who aren't capable of being creative or maybe it's not frequent enough. There could be house fire calls, domestic abuse and much more from characters that are non gang related, but it seems clearly that's not the case. Maybe that's the reason it seems the other way around for you.
  9. 1357

    Illegal Roleplay

    There's applications because management isn't willing to accept any factions which may base themselves around gangs that otherwise does not exist in South Central or within an LA esque environment in general. Basically, factions are limited to what would only realistically exist in Greater Los Angeles. To break it down even more, they're structurally reviewing factions to ensure they 'make sense' and take into regard what the servers fictional environment is loosely based on. If the server was based around Chicago for example, they wouldn't accept LA gangs and vice versa. So hypothetically, a person creates a faction that doesn't take into account and factor in the above, then they'll be denied. Bonus points lost if the thread isn't visually aesthetically pleasing. Maybe this doesn't apply to everyone, but it certainly does for me and for that it made me giggle. It's difficult to come across any organic role play without having to venture outside of where for example a certain character would frequently inhabit for the sake of creating nonsensical role play. I would imagine there's also a fair portion of players who enjoy driving around in their fully tuned out super cars speeding around the city and outside, technically treating the server as gta online with role play capabilities and inevitably avoiding any type of role play as a result.
  10. I agree with you. There are tons of players who feel the same way, and i'm one of them. We all don't want to risk losing our characters development over an incident gone wrong but the truth is, there's a multitude of possible ways to counter act this commonly used argument. While i don't want to discuss this into too much detail on this thread because it's completely unrelated to the topic at hand, the current system consists of problems itself. It's also not implying that a system where we focus on more character kill centric deaths isn't going to introduce its own fair share of complications. But with just mentioning it's completely possible to think of ways to make it appealing for almost everyone as players involved, as that's clearly always the aimed goal. Granting players the freedom to have infinite numbers of lives induces carelessness. There are a lot of players who are completely within server rules but still hardly take any regard for their own life. They'll often put themselves in ridiculous situations that may otherwise endanger their character. Both Player Killing and Poor Reasons to Kill encourages players to play out certain characters and have the freedom to use words, threats and actions and become completely protected and shielded from any harm that serves as lethal or impactful. It encourages characters to essentially be desensitized to emotion and feelings, and limits character choices in how they choose to act on those emotions and feelings. We're to an extent, fundamentally relying on these to dictate how we're are supposed to play our characters, and indicating everything else is wrong. I personally believe these were made to compensate for the lack of resources back in the day, but while it worked 'fine' in 2008, doesn't necessarily mean it still has to be the best way a decade+1 years later. The experience on a much more graphically beautiful engine could instead be so much more immersive, but only if we at least tried and bothered entertaining the idea on a deeper and more sensible level. Because it's understandable to point out the issues that could arise, but also thinking of ways to prevent and make it less of an issue. It isn't to say the idea is only half ass and it's put into the server anyway. It would of course need to be extremely well thought out with every possible issue that could potentially arise, taken into consideration with ideas to counter act, and much more. Including community feedback to help make the transition smoother, acting as an essential and incredibly valuable resource. I truly believe it's entirely possible, and the main point of what we feel as problems is definitely mutual and speaks volumes in my opinion. Providing police with more resources for forensics, making it possible to experience and solve crime on a deeper and more extensive level. Expanding on the court that we use and currently exists, and introducing a somewhat functioning judicial system which makes it possible for players to stand a fair chance at fighting their case and pleading their innocence, instead of how it functions currently which is incredibly one dimensional, and creating an in character legal process that would serve as 'tiring' and act in essence as a form of deterrence for a lot of players who carelessly commit crime, which would also be providing more enjoyable work for players who enjoy lawyer and Law role play in general, and providing these types of characters much more of an incentive and valuable resource in the world. Doing away with aged rule concepts and allowing more freedom in character decisions, instead of a sub rule which intrinsically shields players and merely encourages careless actions and behavior in general, in comparison to introducing a much more realistic and sensible approach for characters to consider their actions and words. These i truly believe are ways to make the server much more innovative, immersive and unique to its name and living up to the high standard bar that supposedly stand as. It would grant GTA World to have its own identity, instead of compared to what a lot of people may think of it as now and provide an entirely different side of role play that we as players have yet to experience on a gta based role play server.
  11. Right, and this is virtually what my entire post revolves around. Also, you don't die immediately on the server. There's a system in place where the characters body remains and forced into waiting 2 minutes until allowed to /acceptdeath. It just acts as a prevention measure from people instantaneously accepting their death with the intention of avoiding any sort of role play. Once medical units arrive, this is where a player is able to determine whether or not they've died. People shouldn't be allowed to escape consequences through forms of suicide, you're right, and if you read my post i mentioned how it currently works to an extent, but also mentioned how it should work all together. Players should be allowed to perform such acts, but with the understanding of the risks that comes with it to balance it out for all sides involved while letting the role play continue on. Players shouldn't be allowed to perform acts of suicide with the sole intent of preventing in character penalties and then also be allowed to /acceptdeath and respawn. For the most part, this is enforced properly on the server but you still have criminals who shoot at cops to circumvent ic time. Anyway, as for the Prison, it's coming to the server eventually, so again that's a start and they're also planning on increasing time, another step forward, but not enough and isn't going to solve what is the real problem. In relation to courts and believing we'll need lawyers and judges online 24/7 is not true.. Again, it will be predominately handled through the forum anyway neither does it need to be an exact 1:1 replica of how a court works in the US or real world in general. It just needs to be enough of a basis to allow us to achieve that goal.. and we have enough of a base to do so. There are plenty of police on the server to act as jail officials, or we could find ways to make jail officials a real faction similar to DOC and i'm sure there would be players interested, but that's not really needed and police would suffice. We have players who role play as lawyers, and we also have players who role play as judges. Whether or not the process is something that would irritate someone is entirely their decision and in essence only serves as part of the risk. If someone doesn't want to go through legal procedures, then it's a wise choice to play and act out their decisions smarter. It's also not to say that the only reason we should be utilizing this court to which already slightly exists to an extent, and trying to expand on it while also making it common procedure for prosecutions is to try and echo or emulate the real world, but because it will quite literally provide certain types of players who truly want to see a somewhat functioning and fair judicial and court system in the server.. effectively allowing and making it possible to plead their right and their innocence. In regards to how it works now, it's completely one sided and makes for no fun. it also indirectly causes lawyers to not nearly be as effective as they should be. There's a lot of reasons why this should become reality for the server. I personally believe that how everything is set up right now in its current state merely creates bigger issues than it does solving the smaller issues. It's again, incredibly one sided, does not create much role play, and is imbalanced. We should be finding ways to create as much balance as possible, most importantly through in character means which would act as a huge step forward in the right direction. Also, just to make it clear, court can be entirely optional. If a player doesn't wish to fight for their innocence and try to revoke their time or decrease it, then they can be automatically determined guilty and have the sentence slapped on them and be done with it. But with how long times are going to be in the future once a prison is introduced, it's probably not going to be the wisest decision. They very well may be sitting in there longer than just a few days and would make a lot more sense to at least have a chance otherwise. The max time in a jail cell at the moment is already nearly 2 days, so let that sink in and that time ticks down when a player is offline, i don't believe it will be the same case with a prison. Evidence for forensics to collect can be: Some form of a system that leaves fingerprints on a vehicles interior or exterior such as the steering wheel, if the perpetrator failed to cover their hands or fingers for example with a pair of gloves which can be purchased from a clothing shop. Bullets and bullet casings. Making it so there's a chance that a players hair might fall out during the time the crime took place, allowing some form of hair analysis. Far fetchted, yes, and unsure how this one would work. Criminal profiling obviously and witnesses obviously. The main point of this section in terms of forensics is, anything that we can touch on and introduce for police and detectives to further assist them in being able to do their jobs better, allowing them to gather leads and find loopholes to solve criminal cases, and to effectively serve as a greater threat to crime is a large part of what's desperately needed and required. Without this, we have a huge imbalance to crime. Small forms of forensics is being worked on apparently, but i'm really hoping it's going to serve almost like a puzzle and not automatically link to players, making it rewarding once detectives and police are able to figure out who is or may be responsible.
  12. It doesn't make any sense though. If a person dies, they die and there's no way around that. At the end of the day, all i'd like to see is more freedom in approach to how people are allowed to be able to choose how they wish to play their character without the risk of being admin jailed, due to some action being against a rule of a rule that states otherwise. Meaning, i completely understand that deatchmatch in it itself makes plenty of sense and is completely necessary to enforce and i'm sure you do as well, but not so much the sub rule pointing out what's poor and what isn't. So if a player chooses to get into a fledged shoot out in front of a dozen cops with automatics and pistols aimed already at them and in a realistic scenario is practically suicide, then that's fine but at a price due to it being fairly uncommon. If a player wants to shoot at a cop, a singular cop and dies, then it doesn't necessarily have to enforce anything drastic and can continue on with respawning as if nothing happened and forgetting anything prior to the event. If a player is in a chase and chooses to drive off a cliff and play it off as an attempt of suicide, then that's fine, but again, at a price of the character being permanently disabled from use, or character killed after the role play is finished. Key word being after, because it creates good stuff. This creates risk for action and also allows all kinds of role play to develop organically without a rule preventing or claiming otherwise. I would like to see character kills becoming more commonly used and there are other people who also agree with that and then there are some who don't. There are ways to make this in particular fair for all sides too, but the topic of character kills isn't what this topic in particular is about so i often find myself detracting from the purpose of this particular thread itself. I think that this rule is enforced because crime is so loose in the server. Police cannot act upon on it or do anything about it after it's done. Because people die and simply respawn, anything in that nature has nothing to show for either. So it's all essentially useless and we just use rules to mask the problem and use excuses such as.. "We cannot allow this, because then players would constantly be killing other people and it would in result turn into a deathmatch server" But it's because the punishment and risk for ic crimes is so low. Few hours of sitting in a cell accomplishes nothing as to how being confined in a stinky dirty cell would for most people in reality. The solution and what is a great start is the server augmenting sentence times once a prison is established, but why should we stop there because as we see from history and other servers faults, that still did not accomplish and meet the goal and expectation of why time increments are being considered in the first place, which is preventing or scaring players away from crime knowing the risk that comes with it. Just to mention this, again, the server already utilizes some form of a court on the forum, there are in fact players who role play as lawyers, and there are players who role play judges, so why don't we expand on that? Instead of how it currently stands? Which is a cop detaining and cuffing a player, throwing them in the back seat and hauling them to a station, throwing them in a cell and adding up charges. There could be a lot more role play that is forced on a character for the crime. Such as, instead of police adding up this time off the bat.. make it common procedure to throw them in the cell for an indefinite duration until they're able to receive a court hearing and a lawyer appointed to them where they will then be able to try and prove their innocence, whereas right now you're guilty off the bat and there's no hope for trying to prove otherwise with a record stained on the character. All of this time is served as punishment in character for being caught on top of if found guilty, the real time to serve. This would also create a gritty environment where there are plenty of people in a cell now because they don't just get to sit in there and wait for the hours to tick down until they're set free. There will be more people in there waiting to do their time and as an indirect effect, creating more role play within the system. The real problem lies within the ability of police and a lack of a structure and somewhat functioning judiciary system. Improve on these things and crime in the server will be able to deliberately balance itself out. Are you at least slightly grasping a sense of where i'm trying to get at? Would you personally agree that if this were to be put into the server after figuring everything out and having a good foundation, it would be a lot more enjoyable in comparison to how it's enforced in its current state? Someone oddly argued that it would induce a loss of quality in role play, but i just don't see how. I see this accomplishing a few things. Invoking more fear and risk of being caught. Time served all together is much more harsh due to having to go through a process almost similar to real life. It's both negative and positive because a player will now have the option to fight for their innocence without being automatically determined guilty, but it also offers and encourages a much more deeper and realistic approach to role play compared to as how we know it now. It will cause more players to be in the system as they wait for trials and also create more role play, as right now going in there the role play is next to none due to how everything is set up now. So if you managed to read this and care to continue on and even agree, or maybe you don't which is entirely fine.. What negatives do you think this would bring to the table? How do you think we could possibly solve those negatives if there are any?
  13. 1357

    Current PK and CK rule

    If you're familiar with any server similar to this one in regard to GTA and role play, then they act as one and the same and are not contrasted. Player Kill is dying and forgetting anything that happened 30 seconds to 5 minutes ago. Character Kill is your character dying permanently, no longer exists.
  14. If that's how you feel, that's good for you. But as for myself, it does not bother me if someone cares less to read and have an elaborate discussion on a topic that would one hundred percent push this server in a better direction instead of the pushing the same agenda that's been forced down everyone's throats for awhile now. I'm also the last person who prefers a 30 player hardcore server so lets try not jump to assumptions. It's not necessarily about being hardcore, it's about making both sides equal and balancing out issues that have been present in every server so far to date, in replacement to a rule that suggests lethal approaches to be poor unless engaged on first. You said it yourself You want something to be a rule that hardly corresponds to the real world in terms of illegal role play. You would prefer your words in quote to be a rule. But all it does is intrinsically limits specific areas of role play, and instead we could be thinking of finding and ways to handle this type of play in character without the constant need of admin intervention and interference. The first sentence of your approach outright screams LIMIT and hardly makes any sense. The last thing the server needs is more restricted safe zones, cool downs and other bogus limits. Anyone can think of that. What it really needs is a bonafide judicial system, especially with police regard in its current state and how attenuated they are. It's because they have no real ability to cut down on crime without catching it in the specific moment like i've mentioned previously and theoretically acts as an imbalance. If i have to dumb down my sentences for you then maybe reconsider responding further. I'm happy to engage with anyone that truly cares to understand and wants to have a discussion, it's why i made the thread, but it's not exactly aimed at people who choose to be simple minded either. I've done so but that's up to you to engage yourself and read what i'm posting. My intentions aren't to compare the real world to the server, and i thought i made that clear in my original post, but you shouldn't kid yourself if you think what we're role playing isn't a simulation of the real world so it's why you'll find some people happen to every so often use reality as a reference. If i'm not mistaken, the servers intention is also to raise the bar and stray away from aged concepts that have been used in every other server. It's the problem, this is just another server that isn't all that different from the others. There's downsides to tons of stuff, but that isn't to say solutions can't be thought of to compensate for so. I'm not sure how you think utilizing the court system for sentencing and prosecution in general, and aspiring for legality to be less one sided while straying away from limited character concepts and trying to find ways to handle these issues in character all adds up to causing in your words, quality loss. You'd be surprised if you think the entire player base is satisfied with what the server consists of currently, it's really just another assumption of yours. I'm constantly thinking of the downsides to any suggestion i make, but how often am i able to discuss those when you're cutting down on all of it or saying you stopped reading after X and not even mentioning the suggestions and proposals i bring up? Again if you truly care to discuss, then read what i'm saying and try not to let the seldom reality comparisons get to you and then post again otherwise i don't really wish to continue discussing with someone who's hostile and isn't looking at something from every angle. Just understand that there are plenty of ways to appease everyone involved while also pushing forward and improving on the current state.
  15. Well that's up to them whether they want to read it or not and it doesn't bother me. If someone wants to have a discussion, great. Anyway, the last thing we should be pushing for is cool downs and asset wipes, as character kills would already handle that which is also something that should be pushed and it can be made to work with the right idea. I've read your suggestions, and they are honestly all the wrong routes to take and do nothing for solving the problem at hand. If you're asking me in particular "what can we do", read this, again: or any of my other posts on this thread. The rule route you're suggesting is already what exists currently. Character concept shouldn't be at a point entirely limited, and we shouldn't have this part of a rule that outright suggests and considers all retaliation to be poor unless retaliated upon physically first or a persons life was physically endangered first. That's not how situations in life always unfolds, and people who have this mindset of try everything first like beating the shit out of them, or making phony 911 calls, or i don't know whatever else someone thinks of. People in the streets don't care to throw hands, they'll fucking shoot you. They're ruthless and do not care about trying every option in attempts to sizzle the dispute before resorting to doing so. All what you suggests introduces is more rules and more ooc barriers. Instead of thinking of ways to let it all play out organically and better put, handled in game in character. What i've mentioned above i believe will be able to assess this issue and help balance it out without the need for an admin to come and say that's not realistic. What you suggest allows players to act out these characters and to say and act without much risk directed at themselves. It grants these players the freedom to act and say in such a way without any consequence for their actions and words. Would you agree? Do you believe that if you walked up to a African American gang banger and started emphasizing on the word nigger and insinuating that you'll kill him, and then instead of using a subliminal you'll outright say so, and after it's all said and done, you'll simply be able to walk away completely unscathed? That they'll just brush it off because it's only an insult and it's not a big deal. Truth is, we're forcing everyone to play as if we're all level headed, completely understand and take into consideration what's right and what's wrong. It's as if we're forced to play as robots and we're not supposed to have any real emotion because of this. There's a reason why there's Non Criminal Homicides or in other words, Self Defense and Criminal Homicides. What you suggest is saying murder is acceptable so long as it's self defense, and that's to a point completely true in legal standards. But what you also suggest is entirely taking away criminal homicides just because that person didn't already have a gun aimed up behind their ear, or against their temple, or because they cannot prove(?) it. On the topic of proving.. We don't necessarily need to completely rely on a static rule that dictates what's poor and what's not especially in a world where people get shot or murdered over way pettier things every day. Some people don't even have to give a reason and still die. I'm suggesting this rule first of all takes into consideration the situation and also the type of character being played and think about how it would affect that particular person in comparison to X. I'm also suggesting that developers start prioritizing systems for police and detectives to help do their jobs better. Right now all they're capable of achieving is hoping to find these criminal acts in the moment and throwing the persons responsible in a cell after adding up charges. But then we have people talking about fruitful role play and that isn't fruitful role play. There's so much more role play that could go on with these situations, and not to mention that jail time or prison time is going to serve in a much harsher sense than what an hour in ajail does. We can start really providing juries which already exists, prosecution for some reason does not exist, while providing court sentences and making court hearings mandatory. In the mean time, until their court date, they're thrown in a cell indefinitely until their day of court and if found guilty, then proceed with the sentencing. Not only is it harsh both ic and ooc, it gives a much more realistic depth and approach. Do you think these people who role play in gangs are going to want to go through this process and with sufficient evidence, only to be found guilty? But right now, everything is dumbed down and one sided. As it stands right now, there is no innocent until proven guilty. There is no way for police to balance and filter out the crime in the server and all we're doing is limiting ourselves through this part of a rule that also limits character concepts. Figure out ways to balance it in game, so long as they're not clearly on the server with the sole intention of breaking rules.
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