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  1. This makes me sad too. My Character Julie Merchant has been rping here for a while now. The employees there and customers became like family and even though the pay wasn't great it never mattered. The RP was great and gave my character a purpose. I founded some IC decisions around the store and now all of a sudden boom, it's gone. *Holds up her protest sign* MAKE ROBS LIQUOR GREAT AGAIN!
  2. I have a nice property I'm looking to sell. Can we swap numbers? (( @Astr0))
  3. Jessie Louise Douglas April 4th, 1995 Jessie made her way into the world in the maternity ward at the Rockford, Illinois hospital. Born into a fairly well off family she grew up comfortably. Always had what she needed. Food, clothes, school supplies, you name it she had it. What she did lack was that closeness with her parents. They were busy people more dedicated to their work than her which meant that the bond most kids form simply wasn't there. At least that's how it seemed to her. She would question sometimes if she was just an accident her parents had to deal with but when she looked at the other children with torn clothes and empty lunch bags she considered herself lucky. There was no place in the world she would rather be than at her Grandparents farm in Mount Carroll, Illinois. Every chance she could she would stay there embracing the country lifestyle her parents grew up with and now shunned. The older she got the more skills and life lessons she learned from them. She was an average child. Quiet, did well at school. She didn't have many friends but she was okay being by herself. All the free time she had was used making use of the things her Grandparents taught her over the years. Her Grandmother, Miriam Douglas, taught her more practical things. From an early age she could sew her own clothes, spin the wool her Grandfather shorn to then knit into her own winter clothing and blankets. Various ribbons were won when she entered her baking goods into the county fair. Her most sought after treat was her cherry rhubarb pie. Her Grandfather, Arthur Douglas, educated her about farming animals, cultivating the land to grow fruits and vegetables. She was his shooting partner when she got a little older. They would go on camping trips, just the two of them, hunting for deer or fishing for their dinner that night. She loved her Grandparents with her entire heart. They were there when someone at school picked on her or when she fell from the tree she was attempting to conquer. Her other love in life was music. Specially older music, country. Grandpa Arthur would sit outside with her and they would play music together. It was sweet and she carried that peaceful feeling with her each time she played. When she was 18 she decided on getting her Bachelors in Music at the University of Chicago. She made a deal with her parents that they would pay the tuition as long as she keeps her grades up. For the first year her grades were doing very well. Jessie was finally making a decent group of friends which included one guy in particular, Liam Henderson. The two began getting closer. Jamming in her dorm room, working on assignments with the other, going to parties together. One party hosted by him at his off Campus house changed their friendship. He was her first. Her first everything. She'd never felt this kind of love for anyone before. Fast forward to the end of the school year. Jessie was going off to her Grandparents for the summer where she had a job working as a waitress for her Grandmothers friend in her Cafe'. Liam had to stay back due to unfinished work he needed to complete. Come August she returns to school. She decided to keep the date of her arrival secret to Liam in order to surprise him. It wasn't him who would be surprised though. She knocks on his front door and gets no reply but she can hear him, or at least that's what she thinks. Inside she goes, heading down the hallway to his bedroom. The sound grew louder and more distinct. She peers her head around the doorway only to see him in bed with another woman. Her heart sank and subsequently so did her grades. Further and further her grades slipped. Her parents warned her to shape up or their money was to be cut off. She tried to focus but each time she felt like she was getting back on track she would see Liam with the other woman or hear about them. A few weeks later she heard that the new girlfriend was pregnant with Liams child. He had been a cheat longer than she ever knew. After this bombshell she delved deeper into her depression. All she wanted to do was sleep. She stopped going to her classes, she stopped talking to her friends. The warning from her parents wasn't a bluff. Her tuition became her responsibility, one she couldn't cope with. With the money she saved from waitressing and the few hundred dollars her parents had given her over time for food and supplies, she took a bus out of the city for and continued on for ten hours until she reached Ames, Iowa. It cost $50 a night to stay in a run down motel room which she shared with some very noisy cockroaches. Two days later she said goodbye to her roommates and headed on another bus for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Was quite the journey getting to her new destination but she didn't mind it. She slept most of the way when she was on the buses or looking out the window at the scenery rolling by her when hitchhiking with various folks. Lugging her bags down the street to the nearest, cheapest place she could find she spots a bar on the way. After setting up 'home' in the room she showers and makes her way back down the street. It was a typical bar. Local drunks, dimly lit. The smell of beer and men floating through the air. However, she sat down and ordered a beer regardless. With a stroke of luck she was served by the owner who happened to be looking for more staff. They got chatting and due to her only being twenty he offered to pay her under the table for the work. With the money coming in from the bar she was able to afford an apartment to rent. It was nothing fancy but it was more comfortable than the musty motel rooms. Despite missing her family she felt that finally she was getting back on track. Even started playing her dearest guitar again. It went well for a a few months until one Saturday night she was rushed off her feet. There was a football game on so the bar was packed and one of the other bartenders called in sick. She was walking a tray of beers over to a group of rowdy men when she felt a hand grab at her ass. She turns around and sees a guy looking up at her with the biggest smirk on his face. After telling him to let go multiple times with no reaction from him she dropped the tray of beer in his lap. He stood up and slapped her across the face. Unfortunately this man turns out to be the owners son who then had her fired. She lived in her apartment trying to find a job doing anything until her money ran out and she was kicked out onto the streets. No where to go, she carried her one bag of clothing to another part of town. It wasn't the nicest part of town but it did have a few closed businesses, one of which she managed to get into via the back door. That was her home for the next few nights. As the sun began to go down Jessie emerged from her 'home' and began walking to find some place she could pinch some food from. Most wouldn't consider themselves lucky but she did when she came across a couple of prostitutes trying to lure over some clients. The woman could see Jessie wasn't in a good way and despite what people might think about women like this they took pity on her and helped her out. One in particular who she only knew as May told Jessie to meet her back there in a few hours. Without any better options Jessie did as was told and came back when May had finished working. The two of them walked a few blocks away to Mays apartment she shared with her two young children. Three weeks went by. Jessie was feeling more human. Regular showers, meals. She was the live in babysitter for May. However, she couldn't help but feel like she needed to help more. She did admire May for doing what she had to to provide for her children but she herself could never work the same job. One night while the kids were sleeping and May was out she came up with a plan. Borrowing some of Mays more provocative clothing she made her way to the corner. Looking rather awkward didn't seem to bother the men who stopped by looking to be her 'date'. Inside the room Jessie would pull a pair of fluffy handcuffs from her purse, swinging them around as she bit on her lip. The men would generally ease into it, believing she just liked things a little more kinky. Once they were restrained to the bedpost she would quickly swipe whatever she could of value. Money, phones, jewellery. Everything would be sold to a young man who everyone knew as Thrift or given to May as payment. Money was steady, her plan seemed to be going off without a hitch. The men wouldn't report the thefts and they were too embarrassed to approach her again. May was getting the extra help she needed and Jessie was beginning to put money back into her savings account. She was like a modern day Robin Hood. Taking from the rich, giving to the poor. That's how she saw it anyhow. As always, good things come to an end. She had scammed the wrong guy. The next night after stealing from this certain man he came back to find her. She had moved corners but he drove around the area till he spotted Jessie standing there on her own. Him and another male get out of the car and approach her. All she remembers is being grabbed by the friend while the other beat her. When she regained consciousness she stumbled back to May who fixed her up the best she could. Bruised and battered she wasn't able to work, no one would want to pay for her in the state she was in. It was a blessing in disguise as there was a police sting in the works. On a chilly Saturday night all you could hear in the area were sirens. Jessie looked out the window and saw woman and desperate men being taken into police cars, others scattering to avoid arrest. There was a knock on the door. Social services accompanied by two officers entered the home and removed the two children. They questioned Jessie but had nothing on her. With May in jail and no one to pay the rent Jessie had no choice but to leave. She went online and bought a ticket to Los Santos. Upon arriving, she takes the little belongings she has and heads to a bar. Inside was a older man by the name of Fergus Ericson. They sat there till closing, drinking and swapping life stories. She learnt about him being an ex horse wrangler. His wife was no longer around and his children only kept in contact with him on birthdays and holidays. He was a frail man who had problems with his heart. They struck a deal to help them both. She was to move in to his El Burro home as his live in carer. He couldn't pay her much money but she had free food and board. Life was looking up for Jessie again but typical for her it didn't last long. She was taken advantage of by a man who we shall not name. The brutal sexual assault left a permanent mark on her. It left her desperate for that sense of safety. To be protected. She stopped sleeping, only managing a few hours each night because every time she closed her eyes she saw him. One failed relationship with a man who left her for his ex and a short fling later she finally finds what she believes she was looking for. A man who treats her like she matters, who would keep her safe always. To have a family that would do anything for each other. Dreams of opening a bakery are beginning to form. Her story is not nearly finished, it will continue for a long time yet.
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