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Puente Locos was formed in 2002 originally as a clique within the Fraser set of Maravilla. Fraser and Marianna Maravilla have been longtime enemies and at war for some time. Puente being the youngest clique at the time was eager to show off it's activity in the conflict. In a brazen shooting targeting a Marianna higher up Puente members mistakenly was fed the wrong information on his location and shot up the Marianna shotcallers house killing the younger brother instead. The shooting brought a lot of heat to the area and with a innocent being killed Fraser older members were furious with the young Puente members. Rocky Gallardo one of the shooters an a beloved member was found shot a few days later. Rumors within the hood stated he was killed by Marianna in revenge but Puente Locos members felt he was backdoored by his own and hostilities ramped up within Fraser. In late 2005 Puente Locos broke off and outstretched to their own Maravilla set. Puente had a fairly large portion of the youth in the ranks follow but being at war with Fraser and Marianna made years hell for Puente Maravilla. The gang in modern times has been smaller and bordering defunct status but they still clutch to their small section of turf hanging on and recruiting when they can. In a bid to take some heat off their back they followed in the path of many of the other Maravilla sets and submitted to paying taxes to La Eme.




The gang identifies with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Philadelphia Phillies baseball team logos. Both teams such as Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies represents the "P" in Puente Maravilla. 


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Puente Maravilla is a fictional set of the IRL gang of Maravilla. Our concept is a clique that broke off the larger Fraser Maravilla and made its own set within East LS. We will be starting small as in our story line Puente is a small gang grasping for straws as they have been fighting the old enemies of Fraser and now beefing with Fraser themselves. 


This faction is currently open to the public, however, we plan on permanently becoming Invite Only in the near future.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to myself via the forums or Discord (KillSwitch#3333 or HoodieJo#0001). https://discord.gg/bUpdc3JG

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