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LFM - Business/Faction - IC Discord Channel Requests


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In-Character Discord Channel Requests



IC Discord Channel requests serve to help you run your business by acting in ways that have no script support in-game. We understand how difficult it might be to run a business or faction without IC communication outside of the game, and thus we allow the use of In-Character discord channels to aid you in the process. These requests are varied in nature and will be judged on a case-by-case. Here you can find guidance throughout the process, what's generally allowed, and the uses IC discords are intended for. IC discords should never replace existing means of IC communication. They should act as an addition to them, something to use alongside platforms like LS Chat, IC Forum sections, Facebrowser, offline SMS, Etc.


If you have already accepted IC discord channels that don't adhere to these rules, you are expected to fully remove those channels and re-apply for your permissions! Failing to do so may lead to administrative punishment.



IC discord channels may only be requested by the company's CEO/business owner. If the IC discord channels are being requested for an event, the discord server's owner shall be the one to submit the request. If you are not sure whether or not the use of your IC Channel is allowed, explain the use of the channel in detail.


General rules


  • IC Discord channels must clearly indicate that they are fully In Character.
  • The request must include a permanent invite, and have a role with all permissions for LFM.
  • Approved IC discords must adhere to the concept originally approved. If you want a channel's concept to change, request a new channel and specify in the request that you'll be using an already existing channel for something else. Concept changes don't excuse not adhering to these rules, and shall only be made realistically (I.E, an Intranet email can't suddenly become an archive for employee's contracts).
  • If no LFM staff is in the discord, the IC channels must temporarily cease activity (without deletion) until one joins, and no information can be obtained from them ICly during this time. You can create a ticket on the LFM discord.
  • The Server rules apply to the server these IC channels are in, and the Discord server's moderators/administration are responsible to uphold them. Failure to do so may result in the permissions being revoked.
  • Every IC channel has to be explicitly approved by LFM. If you want more IC channels, you may submit another request for them. You may request multiple channels per request.


Channels that are strictly forbidden


  • Live chats or similar channels. (Including group chats)


Types of IC discords



These discord channels are seen as a tool to help you and your staff stay in the loop with the business and its openings. IC discord channels for businesses require at least 25 members, and can be used for the following:


  • A Channel with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about your business, recruitment processes, etc. (read-only)
  • A Channel to notify your employees about the business openings.
  • Channel to schedule shifts
  • Informative channels (read-only) for your employees, like displaying uniforms, menus, or prices
  • IC Notice board



Discord channels meant to run larger businesses and companies. These serve to better organize IC documents relevant to the company, better off-line communication, and liaison with other companies or legal factions. IC discord channels for companies require at least 15 active (employed and actively participating) staff members. This doesn't include freelance security/transport or similar roles. These channels can be used for the following:


  • A Channel with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about your company, the services provided, recruitment processes, etc. (read-only)
  • In the case of a large business, a channel to notify your employees about the business openings
  • Channel to schedule shifts or meetings
  • Corporate pager (no live chat)
  • Informative channels (read-only) for your staff, like displaying uniforms, manuals, or contact information
  • Contract channels for employees or other businesses/companies (not invoices, intranet emails shall be used for this)
  • Intranet email. Announcements shall be shared with the relevant staff through emails, and not a dedicated channel



A fully In-Character discord server (with a single OOC channel for the organizers to liaise with GTAW's staff) intended to help coordinate large events. Once the event is concluded, full ownership must be given to an LFM member for them to delete the server. These channels require a minimum of 50 participants, and can be used for the following:


  • Announcements from the organizers
  • Vote a date and time for the event
  • Mark your attendance (no live chat. Reactions, vote, or a discord bot to keep track of who's attending the event. If a bot is used, DMs sent by the bot are not considered IC.)
  • Event's rules and expectations (read-only)


Official factions may request channels that are not on this list and are essential to the faction's day-to-day operations through their handlers.



Request process:

Fill out the request form at the UCP LFM Request board which can be found HERE.

LFM will review the use of the channels and will decide based on the criteria above. 

Upon approval, an LFM admin will join your discord and will request the necessary user groups. 


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