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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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https://streamable.com/tjrfxt (Probs my only gun I really can play with when I am tired..)
https://streamable.com/2k7awo (literally tired)
https://streamable.com/u4exf2 (Perfect clip ruined by lag)
https://streamable.com/nhih49 (inf banana player btw)
https://streamable.com/c2r446 (what tf is wingman?)
https://streamable.com/wsx8rw (the fuck?)
https://streamable.com/9vkuez (wingman again? Reactions 10/9)



https://streamable.com/iaynco (nasty)

https://streamable.com/flo1ta (just inf things)

https://streamable.com/dzkujq (Most laggy ace confirmed?)

https://streamable.com/rpijpe (I froze for a second. BTW, we won...)

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