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EARLY LIFE. Vic was born in the bosom of a lower middle class family from Strawberry, Los Santos. His father was a delivery driver and his mother a housewife. Vic spent most of his childhood at his parent's house, where he would enjoy the warmth of a tight knit yet struggling household, without the worry of material necessities, the bread that his father brought on the table was enough for him to be content, although his mother would constantly engage in heated, almost violent arguments with his father about money — Vic was yet too young to understand.


In his early teens, his father was shot and murdered by thugs in Davis while he was on a delivery for the local grocery — He was simply delivering napkins, his only possessions on him, a Nokia and five dollars, were taken in that gruesome scene. The least time Vic had seen his father was at the morgue. After his father's death, he and his mother relocated at his grandparent's, in Rancho.


His mother had her fair share of infidelity, it wasn't hard for Vic to understand that she was cheating on his father for quite a while before his death. This led to Vic not relying on her and becoming more recluse.


Vic was a social outcast, he would engage in fights with other kids at the mostly minority high school he was attending. He was picked on for his clothes and overall lack of material goods. Those fights almost led to Vic's expulsion from school. He would spent most of his time after school browsing image boards and documenting himself about history and politics, thus he became acquainted with far-right fringe groups on the Internet.


By the time he was sixteen he moved again in Strawberry with his mother and her boyfriend, a Persian man who was also her pimp. Vic was fully aware of the path his mother had chosen, but he didn't care about her, he became too desensitized. Her boyfriend would often beat his mother in front of him and abuse Vic both verbally and physically — Vic attempted to flee away from home in many occasions.


In his late teens Vic witnessed his mother's death due to a heroin overdose — She was laying pale on a dirty couch, needle deep into her vein, mouth wide open, as she was screaming to the Heavens. After his incident, he lived with his grandparents until he finished High School.


HAWICK SKINS. In his early adulthood Vic became acquainted with the Hawick skinheads during his stay at the Pink Cage motel. There he was further indoctrinated and induced into the beliefs of the Neo-Nazis. Also during his stay, he engaged in various criminal activities, supervised by the local shotcaller. 


After the demise of the Hawick skinheads and the incarceration of their shotcaller, Vic attended the Los Santos Technical School, where he obtained o qualification in automotive mechanics — Hoping he would bootstrap other than through illicit means.


POST HAWICK SKINS, PRESENT. After an altercation in which he left one of the skinheads crippled, the shotcaller, released, caught onto his deeds had him scarred on his face with a bayonett. This led to Vic's departure from Hawick and state of constant fear of retaliation.


A NEW FACE. That's what awaits Vic, further prejudice, addiction and a lack of trust on those who would've called him their brother not a long time ago.

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