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The Martorano Crime Family

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The Martorano Crime Family aims to provide a realistic, immersive Cosa Nostra (LCN) environment on the West Coast.


Our emphasis lies on character development and story-building with the intent of contributing to an authentic, classic experience of the American Mafia for all our members. Members of this faction understand that progress within an LCN dynamic takes time, and the spinning of a long-running, intricate story stands above the need for a fast rise of rank. Any character may become involved and associated with the Martorano crime family as long as their story permits this — we also strongly encourage and welcome characters who are not of Italian descent to join us, given the Mafia’s barren state on the West Coast.


We want to warn those interested that the affiliation process may be time-consuming and difficult, but not impossible. Involvement in organized crime takes some effort, and those who vouch for you are also responsible for you, making it risky for a member to introduce an outsider and bring him into the fold. A grip or understanding of LCN’s inner workings is recommended, but not required. The American Mafia has many intricate rules and traditions to abide by and these may be daunting for a newcomer, but your character will be taught and tutored over time. Cosa Nostra is a society filled with crooks, thugs, racketeers, and other kinds of career criminals who all chase another man’s wallet. It is embedded in deceit and and cut-throat politics; you should understand this going in.


Recruitment is strictly handled in-character. We have a Discord, but it’s used with minimal interactions in order not to blemish the story we portray. Members receive an invite upon association; but again, association may take time. Prospective members are subject to the faction’s character-kill clause. Upon any attempt to associate with the Martorano crime family, the faction’s administration reserves the right to kill your character for any reason seen fit. Lastly, leadership authorization is required to post screenshots on the thread.


Any questions may be directed to @Members Only. Feel free to reach out for any concerns or inquiries.

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