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  1. it's going to divide the already thin pool of players between lssd, lspd and sapr, please let's just not.
  2. Again with the "helicopter" patrol arguement? You are screaming bloody murder and say "you've done everything in your power" to then proceed and take random things that happened and present that to "strengthen your case". Sure, it's true that both LSPD and LSSD don't have 95%(exaggerated) of the tools their IRL counterparts have, with effort they can make damn good work though. I'll refer to my first post in this thread, this shit is, and will remain, till new actual arguments and research have been submitted, an IC ISSUE bringing up your dead mother's cat who was shot by a .22lr by your neighbors kid and the solution to that was to send an ICBM from Russian/North Korean sources does not bring up either relevant solutions, realistic solutions or anything pertaining to the arguement at hand. It's an lazy and insulting way of trying to obtain legitimacy for your "problem".
  3. Hardest gangster in Jamestown
  4. I'm reliant on your "voluntarily" selected position which you signed up for. If you want to talk about disrespectful, let's talk about the warrants I wrote where none of my warrants were even looked at due to it being "cluttered" and you couldn't figure it out, took you a fucking real week to just tell me that when you spent 5 minutes just looking at it day 1. At that time, I've asked 6 different people out of LSSD or LEO factions at all and they could figure out what the fuck was meant. While you "found it cluttered and poorly written". the other 6 managed to interpret the evidence just fine. I do not doubt that you spend a lot of time looking through warrants, but I say fuck you and call bullshit when you claim you properly read what is being submitted. Even when shit is colorcoded you managed to "not understand", just be real and say you are backed up on work and that the rule placed by LFM sucks and overloads you. I'd have more respect for that then what you are doing here with this back handed behaviour.
  5. 7 days for a phone on a dude who has associates still roaming about, his sentence being short and wanting his phone back.
  6. ESW-02685 shows different, didn't ping you guys for it yet it still sits in the box.
  7. ...in case they are reasonable and not without any complete lack of thought? Yes, they are. Patrol helicopters, if you genuinely think are a good idea, are too expensive for the budget LSGOV has and any sane politician would never think of proposing that and otherwise become bankrupt. All the rich people would be paying tax through the nose, and Davis will be the #1 spot for "rich" and poor people alike, because everyone would be on welfare level. Keep pushing for stupid ideas, instead of going for realistic ones that can be done IC.
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