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  1. Because I want to roleplay an illegal character but I can't join 90% of the interesting faction concepts on that alt due to said illegaility and the OOC corruption rules. Also, factions which are reliant for /finvite are also shut out due to you only being able to be a part of one or the other. There are ton of combinations possible for interesting characters and establishing relations through them but it's shut out due to out of character rulings. The only faction right now who doesn't care for that, is the Port of Los Santos. It's a fun cesspool of illegal and legal characters and finds a lot of common grounds, and it is that way because a) it doesn't rely on a /finvite and b) it doesn't care about your character background.
  2. I'd prefer the Discord for IFM to be more open for non faction leaders and have a quick discussion ground for ideas to pool together. I'm positive to see that IFM is taking a mature and serious response to the community as a whole instead of what has been done the last 10 years in RP. Mainly friendship cliques and OOC dealings, please continue this endeavour.
  3. Banned for having two c's in his name!
  4. How fast can 1936's France collapse and turn into communism?
  5. "More than one out of every five students report being bullied" - National Center for Educational Statisctics, 2017 -WIP-
  6. While the other methods of breaking into cars are indeed more common, learning how to lock pick is pretty easy to come by. A complete starter set with practice lock costs somewhere about $30 bucks, and I picked it up within 10 minutes of looking up a youtube video. So I disagree with your arguement. If you're going to adjust the carstealing system, revamp it entirely. Simply adding a brute force option and then "fumbeling" around with wires is something from 80's movies and barely usable nowadays.
  7. @Blackbeard I see how it is, not mentioning me. It was a good run, glad to see it rest now.
  8. Also known as Incest Simulator 769 A.D. God do I love this game.
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