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Hope Health Center is a professional and friendly medical clinic located in the heart of the South Central at Rancho. We aim to help the low socioeconomic areas by providing free, high-quality, efficient and accessible healthcare services to patients from all across Los Santos. Our experienced staff offer urgent and primary care, as well as promote health in the community.


Medical Care


Hope Health Center’s medical department offers various outpatient service medical specialists aboard. The staff comprises primary care physicians, consultants in various medical fields, and specialists in a broad range of medical specialties. There are hardly any medical fields that are not covered by the center, and patients can receive full care they need. Medical services provided by Hope Health Center’s medical department are:


- Routine medical care

- Preventing care

- Vaccination

- Annual check-ups

- Screening for health conditions

- Treatment for mild symptoms and injuries

- Health promotion

- Pediatric care

- Addiction recovery treatment using the Methadone maintenance treatment


Mental Health Care


With the highly skilled mental health personnel, consisting of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, Hope Health Center is well-equipped for patients in need for mental health consult. Whether it be the need for somebody to talk to, or serious mental health concerns, our mental health staff is always there for its patients. Hope Health Center’s mental health services include:


- Individual therapy

- Group therapy

- Family therapy

- Intensive outpatient care

- Psychiatric medications and outpatient medical management




In Hope Health Community Center we deliver a myriad of social and educational services and activities and open 24/7 in order to provide said services. Our mission at the community center is to provide a warm, welcoming alternative to the people in need. We want to provide social services, aid, and programs that empower individuals and promote community respect and self determination for all residents of Los Santos.


Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is operated by volunteers and provides warm meals to anyone who needs it at the center itself. The meals are provided by many generous donors of local restaurants as well as daily cooked by our volunteers. Visitors can ask any community center personnel for a meal at the soup kitchen any time of the day or night. The kitchen is open 24/7.


Emergency accommodation

The community center holds a humble amount of rooms available for civilians to use as an emergency shelter for a night or two, and do not serve as a long-term housing solution. Those who wish to use it should register at the reception and receive a key from the reception desk. The rooms are warmed, and equipped with clothing, towels, personal utilities, common shower, and laundry services. 


((The property is set rentable using the old renting system. This means that whoever wishes to RP sleeping the night can just /rent themselves, even if our personnel aren't there, as long as Roleplayed accordingly. ))


Medical ward

The community center also provides first aid and treatment in case one shall be required by the residents or the visitors of the community center. The ward will be operated by medical staff from Hope Health Center and focus on primary and acute care that includes, but not limited to, minor and mild symptoms, minor injuries, burns, bandages, sutures, and more.  


Medical House calls

At Hope Health Community Center, we offer to treat you with utmost comfort. No matter where you are, we're going to treat you. The service comes to fill an unmet need for medical care among patients who were unable to leave their homes or who had difficulty getting to a physician's office. Our staff is ready to provide medical care, along with mental support, and company throughout the vulnerable times.





Hope Dental is committed to operate the best clinic that delivers the highest quality dental care at the most affordable cost to our customers. Our highly professional staff is devoted to provide oral health services, preventive and dental care in a community dental clinic to all age groups.


- Apply diagnostic and therapeutic dental services to Hope Health Group patients while making reasonable and sound assessments and treatment plans within the scope of the clinic's dental program.


- Examine individuals requesting care, diagnoses their dental/oral conditions, prescribes and carries out appropriate dental/oral treatment. That includes, but not limited to inspections, veneers, implants, root canal treatments, dental crowns and bridges, gum rejuvenation, teeth whitening and more. 



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Hiring dental staff for a new dentistry


Position Summary: 


A full time, exempt position responsible for providing oral health services, preventive and dental care in a community dental clinic to all age groups. Applies diagnostic and therapeutic dental services to Hope Health Group patients while making reasonable and sound assessments and treatment plans within the scope of the clinic's dental program. Examines individuals requesting care, diagnoses their dental/oral conditions, prescribes and carries out, or directs others in carrying out, appropriate dental/oral treatment, or refers individuals for specialty consultation or treatment in conformance with approved clinical protocols and guidelines.


Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience):


Graduation from an accredited dental school.

* Completion of an accredited general practice residency program is preferred.

Ability to maintain appropriate professional clinical image and demeanor. 

* Past experience is an advantage. 


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 


Requires a comprehensive knowledge of primary dental care in outpatient settings. Knowledge of the principles and practice of modern dentistry as related to public health organizations and community health programs as well as current social and economic problems pertaining to public health and their impact on primary health care.

* Requires good communication skills and ability to work in a team. 

* Requires a basic ability to work with a computer, basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.


Benefits and paygrade:


* Paycheck starting at 4,000 $, hourly basis. 

* Weekly bonuses for dedication and overtime. 

* Full health insurance provided by Hope Health Group.

* Corporate worker status within Integrity Holding Incorporated from the first day. 


Do you want to have a meaningful job in a family life working environment? Your place is with us! Send your resume today.


Phone: + 6524544

Email: [email protected] ((Forom PM))

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