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Community Meeting Notes - MARCH 2024

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Updates to the last suggestions from Community Meeting February 2024!


  • Property requests businesses being available to be on a spreadsheet for players to easily see what businesses are available (no pictures yet, no locations yet) ETA: Either this upcoming property cycle, or next one for sure moving forward
  • House requests spreadsheet being done with a list of available houses w/ pictures and locations available (will be given out the week prior to houses opening up)
  • Working on a way to let players know what types of businesses were not accepting NEW ones (easier to know) such as mechanic, pawnshops, airsofts (all I can think of right now)
  • 24/7s getting monthly related new items from PM (starting in April), to make them more livelier and selling unique items that hopefully will attract more customers / roleplay to them
  • Mechanic NPC (where it's being closed when players don't know where the open garage is) still being discussed on how to improve this, but NickM may have a GOOD solution, we're still working out the kinks / needs to be talked about amongst the PM leads
  • No update on lease-to-buy in game, I think this is more of a developer thing to work on anyway
  • Small updates on adding the high-end vehicles back to the leasing list, however, still no ETA - if anyone has any ideas tell them to hit me up (on how to make it a better selective process) (word this better)
  • The #new-vehicles was updated with a spreadsheet, please check the spreadsheet prior to posting a vehicle - if the vehicle is not on the spreadsheet, definitely post it in there and it'll get reviewed! Wuhtah plans on going through the rest of them in the 2 week break we get with no requests flowing in
  • Reminder if they want modding for their businesses, they need to wait 6 months and then approach a PM lead FIRST - do not go directly to a modder
  • We've made SERVER-OWNED stores that will come out in an announcement after the meeting (no one can apply to them, but people can /bjoin for IC experience) https://discord.com/channels/467725891779428352/612583030439018497/1221200188652126280


Mapping updates!


  • Can apply to become a mapper on the UCP. Same thing on the forums of how you apply now, just on the UCP now!
  • Working on an alt-to-alt mapping request (especially for the mappers). Simple assigning it from our end type of request so it's more automated and you don't need to wait so long.


Item schemes & budgets are now out -- we're working on making it better. 




  • Everything for Landlords is done! No reason for why it's not opened.. other than Selena is mapping one of the smaller complexes. Once that's done, we are going to open it up!
  • Selena suggested a landlord panel in game - a lot of functionality to it and she has given it to a developer that she said she was going to name drop.... BUT SHE DIDN'T?


Rule Changes


  • We are doing an overhaul - a majority have been done. Just mapping rules to be finished now. Are there any rules you want some clarity on? Changes?
    • Issue with property rules of selling properties for whichever after 6+ months, Selena & Nervous have been speaking on it, but it's currently staying.
    • What rules are we getting rid of?
      • We're condensing the rules, and rules we haven't really upheld. 
      • Breakin system rule, that's just under the basic server rules so we removed it. Same wish stash notes.
      • All lease rules (businesses/vehicles) have been combined into one.
      • Compiled property/business requests into another rule. 
      • Faction rules are being merged, etc.
      • We had something about free items that we got out of here because ... yeah..
  • Lore rules being worked on, they are going to be finalized soon!
    • Not to be mistaken for law rules. British accents amirite?
  • Casino Rules! Update to them - they are being implemented soon, but Nervous is attempting to play/fix with the Casino script in game. So, that needs to happen first prior to pushing the rules live. Once this is done, we'll open the casino floodgates for applying for them via LEASES.


UCP Changes/Additions/Questions


  • Property transfers are done on the UCP - we're just troubleshooting ATM for bugs!


  • Do we want a more tailored application for requests? Instead of a whole backstory - would it be easier for the last 3 months of development of your character. 
    • We're tired of reading ... the fluff. We don't like the fluff, we know you guys don't want to write the same thing.
    • We want to have more direct questions perhaps. We're still looking at improvements for this for more streamline processes to make it easier on us and you guys.



  • Erase D10
    • Would love to! But cannot.
  • Are we going to be able to purchase more than 2 residential properties in future?
    • Currently no, we want to put forth the landlord scheme and work on that prior to doing actual apartments where it would be harder to monitor
  • Niche, I know but improvement to the professional brewing script to not require using the starting tools and equipment? If that is in the wheelhouse of PM.
    • If you have suggestions to make the brewery script better, forward it to Selena to forward to the devs!
  • How would you like to see legal and illegal factions using properties? Are you happy with what you see or is there things that could be better as a whole(obviously some facs will be bozos)
    • We're okay with it! We liase with LFM/IFM constantly for illegals and legals getting businesses if needed.
  • I think if someone is to be denied, they could get a step by step guide on how they could achieve it in the future
    • We're working on this, we do touch up on how to improve your character in the denial, but we can absolutely look into this as well!
  • 3D Cef - movies, Tv's all that. do we have ETA..?
    • Gibbz is working on it, no update yet!
  • The Rockford Mall is a bit hard to navigate as to find businesses inside it's a pain. Would you ever consider putting some businesses outside of the mall in the /availableleases? Like small shops / cafe and stuff like that?
    • This is something we can discuss amongst ourselves and see if we can do something like this, sure!
  • So less extortion; What is the current process in which a faction can extort a business? Do they have to put in an IG report? Forum request?
    • If the roleplay quality is shit, please make a forum report or IG report - we cannot add extortion rules if there's no reports.
  • What's the possibility of some gas stations & 24/7's being lease businesses?
    • Colorlessrainbow will add 24/7s to the next leasing cycle in April
  • There are some businesses up for lease in the mall right now but when you open, people don't find which business is actually open

    - make the mall easier to navigate

    • Forwarded to the developers to see what we can do!

    • Perhaps something at the door that could easily show?

  • Maybe allow some county properties to be bought on server without any requests. I know you can say, trailer request is easy and fast (kinda) but still it requires you to go and REQUEST something. Many people just dont want to bother with that waiting and just buy property in the LS and thats it. So yeah, if you allow people to start rping on their own in the country without needing to get any aprooval, it would most likely bring more people to rp there. I think.

    • We have to do this due to the limitations of county houses. We hate it ourselves, we wish it could be free to /buyproperty just like in the city, but we need to make sure county roleplayers are getting residentials. We don't require much effort in the trailer requests.

  • Alright then another suggestion. What I personally experienced few months ago. I had city character and just really wanted to move to county. At least try and see what does that bring. I have changenamed and requested house in some village. It got denied for - "You just changenamed you have no hours we want to see more". I see that point of view, but I also know I made nice background story that would justify why I requested that property. So only reason I got denied was that I just changenamed. What I got out given as solution was - "request trailer"... so yeah, I just gave up and went to LS. I think it would be nice to check to do something about that.

    • County homes are very hard to come by and we try to save them for county roleplayers that have been around for longer than a month. This is due homes going unused because of inactivity, bored of the concept, etc.

  • One thing that I realized when I became brown, you don't get UCP notifications for inactivity and such, which would be nice for players to get

    • Selena will look into this!

  • Lomadias came up with the idea of a custom item script that we can tailor to what your character needs for the business - it's still in the works, but we're still checking it out!

  • Will there be more cars added from the lease list into dealerships?

    • Maybe, possibly! Never say never!


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