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  1. I get that, but we're talking about instability ingame with regard to areas where there are a large number of players, a large amount of custom mapping etc. We aren't talking about crashing on start up or long loading times in this thread.
  2. Makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately it seems like people have their mind set on blaming EAC so I doubt we’re gonna see any improvements to the server’s mods or mapping.
  3. As the redditors say: ‘Correlation does not necessarily equal causation’. An element of the poorer performance must have come from the implementation of all of these server side assets. I only ever crash if I get near to a large number of players, through an area with a tonne of mapping (Chamberlain Hills) etc. I can see how EAC couldve increased loading times and potentially crashing but not how it would cause more texture loss, poor performance ingame and crashing in highly populated/over mapped areas. GTAV modders do not rival the optimisation of assets made by R* in the slightest. No LODs, clothing made using cloth simulators etc that result in 100s of thousands of verts vs the average r* clothing model which has a couple of thousand at absolute most. There are probably at least 3-400 female clothing mods alone. I personally like the fact there are serverside clothing mods but they should be cut down, especially large files with excess vertices and no LODs. The mapping is another topic however. It just seems like such a backwards thing to do. GTAW admins have been despawning cars to help with texture loss, invisible players etc since the dawn of its creation. Why is adding 10,000 trees to the map a good trade off for better performance? I can understand at least new neighborhoods etc provide new opportunities for RP but scattering palm trees on every street is bound to affect performance for absolutely nothing in return.
  4. How would an anticheat cause that though? EAC is used in plenty of games with no issues and I’ve never had an issue with crashing or performance in games like Squad. To me it seems bizarre that the same server that despawns vehicles during busy events; is riddled with texture loss issues even with a very high spec PC and already had crashing issues in the past would then go on to add a tonne of unoptimised and poorly made serverside clothing mods with no LODs and 10s of thousands of polys and stick 10,000 trees all over the map for little to no reason. How is everyone so confident its the anticheat making problems??
  5. Apologies if a topic like this already exists but I couldn't find one. Has anyone else noticed their game crashing more and more frequently recently? I don't know if its the additions to the mapping or something, but my game is using 4gb of RAM within itself which seems crazy for GTAV. My friends game was going up to 5.5GB RAM usage (?!!). Could the mapping be having an impact on peoples performance as far as FPS and crashing goes? For the record my PC specs are: i5 12600k, RTX 3060 Ti, 16GB DDR4 RAM.
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