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  1. Flamme

    Ad queue system

    Short description: Ad queue system Detailed description: A script that automatically posts ads in the order players used the command. The time limit would be the same, however, you wouldn't have to wait until the next ad slot is available, the system would do it for you. Say, player X and Y each want to post an ad. Instead of having to spam the chat continuously racing who gets it first, one would just use the /ad command, post the ad, then the other does the same. The ad enters the queue system, consequently being posted after the 3 minutes mark. Commands to add: /adqueue or something similar to enable players the ability to see when their ad will air and what position it holds in the queue. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Honestly, it's utterly annoying having to watch the clock and spam ENTER for 3 minutes straight in order to get your ad posted. This system doesn't influence the way ads are posted at all, they would stay the same, with the same order and time frame. It would just greatly improve ease of access for players. Additional information: No.
  2. Contact: FaceBrowser (Cristal Meadows) or 2074614
  3. Selling a fully-modded Cheval Fugitive, with standard security options. Full options mean: turbo, the latest engine, brakes, transmission and suspensions. The tires are custom, as well as the rims. Road taxes paid and registered. Price: 50.000 negotiable!
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