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  1. Bee Wines & Liquor is a soon to rise business, currently starting as an alcohol supplier fully ran by a single person, the company's first brew is called Honey blast! Derived from the founder's nickname "Bee" as in a bee produces honey then add an exciting word to create a catch phrase "Blast!", hence the name. The owner is looking currently for potential investors who would like to invest in this company. The investments will go on the company's cost of materials, ingredients, labor for future employees to increase the production of the brews. _____________________________________________________ Contact: Phone no. 06876360 Name: Byeong-cheol Kangjeon Email: [email protected]
  2. Asking price $250,000 Buyout $350,000 Album: ACCESS Selling this luxurious apartment in Textile City.
  3. 101 Cougar Avenue, Morningwood, North Rockford. Selling this apartment, discreet location at North Rockford. Asking price is $150,000 Buyout $175,000
  4. Starting bid $50k Buyout $85k (Due to the amount of modifications on the vehicle.) Modified Rims, Rear/Front/Side Bumper, Spoiler, Livery design -Completely Tuned!! Close to brand new! This could be yours! Call now! 45911626
  5. Market price: Albany Alpha| $100,000 Looking to buy less than dealership price, SMS me or CALL me at 45911626
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