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  1. They say they the first time's always the best, but I never had such a luxury. It felt more like a push over the edge with everything that came before leading me into a nosedive. A downward spiral I was too stupid or just too weak to stop.
  2. She was a pretty girl, maybe a little rough at first sight. But I could see that look in her eyes, that look of someone who's been through a lot. It was something I'd seen in the mirror everyday up to that point and I guess I thought she'd know how to help. What an idiot I was...
  3. Later that nightWe'd finally made it to Los Santos. Zeke and Kat were excited once we got to the place and who knows, I might've felt the same way had I not been so nauseous. My nerves were shot while we set up our gear and I remember being scared when I looked out at the crowd forming inside the club. That feeling of doubt was all I could think about when I stepped out for some fresh air. Might've been the biggest mistake I've ever made.
  4. A few days laterWe were only a few hours away from Los Santos when I ran out of the pills. I'd gotten so used to them that I almost forgot how to function once they were gone. Felt like something was gnawing at my brain once I'd sobered up, like the worst hangover someone could ask for. Couldn't tell you how, but Zeke managed to book a pretty big show right in the heart of Vinewood. Our big break was just in arms reach but I couldn't feel any worse...
  5. A few weeks laterWe'd started our journey towards San Andreas, cutting our teeth at any place that'd let us play. Mostly rough dive bars and sketchy clubs but the longer we were out on the road, the harder it became. Even with my two closest friends, I felt so alone. Indulging myself probably wasn't helping much as I became more and more withdrawn.
  6. A few nights laterKat and Zeke had been going to a party that night, one last hoorah before we drove cross country. They'd wanted me to tag along but obviously I had other plans. Growing up, I'd hear so many people say weed is the biggest gateway drug. But for me, mine was sorrow.
  7. One year laterAfter he passed, Kat and Zeke took me in. Their parents welcomed me like one of their own, never expecting anything in return while they kept me fed and clothed through my senior year of highschool. I'd spent the entire year trying to forget the past but it seemed like nothing worked. Smoking pot just made me feel more depressed and I couldn't stop myself from all the thinking. Zeke was the one who suggested we head cross country after I graduated, all the way to the bright lights of Los Santos. A fresh start he said, it was pretty naive looking back on it now. But for a group of
  8. Later that nightI still wonder how things might've been if I stood home that day. He was hurting bad and there I was having a good time hanging out. Sometimes I can still see his face when I close my eyes and I just can't help but wonder.
  9. A few weeks laterI'd known Kat and Zeke since we were kids, all of us bonding over our love of playing music. They'd been the only friends I had and they always treated me like family. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have feelings for Kat but it was never really something I let show. She was my bestfriend, someone who knew practically everything about me. Can't think of one day she hadn't tried keeping me in good spirits...
  10. Two Years Later We both took her passing pretty hard, but I think it must have broke something in him. I could see him slipping further and further away after that day. Burying himself in the booze while I tried to distract myself with music, going over to Kat and Zeke's every chance I could. We'd been playing together for a few years at that point, using their basement as a place to practice. But maybe I should have just stayed home a bit more, kept the old man company.
  11. I wish I could say things weren't always so bad. But I never was a very good liar. Sometimes I wonder if any of this could've been avoided, but then my mind drifts back to the past. Its secrets always there, waiting to rear their ugly head at any chance they get. For so long I've tried not to think about it, even still I try so hard. But thoughts, they're unavoidable. They'll find a way to the surface no matter how hard you try to bury them.
  12. Name: Alex Caulfield DOB: 12-01-2002 Height: 5'11 Weight: 145
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