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  1. To start it off extortion nowdays is quite rare because the risk of it is very high from law enforcement. I’ll try to give my two cents very shortly from the blackmailer’s POV. If you’re going to extort someone ICly you best be prepared to be business partners with the other party. If you’re going to extort someone you will also have to offer something back or help them push through with their business so it is more fair to both parties, that way the earnings will be bigger for both of them. The party being extorted should take advantage of the blackmailer by asking for stuff that they need, if the blackmailer doesn’t come in aid you’ll kick up lower next week to him and mostlikely he’ll confront you about it and when that time comes you’ll tell him that he didn’t get what he need so he could earn. The extortion should go both ways. If the blackmailer demands to get only the kick-up he’ll mostlikely be killed or end up getting pinched by law enforcement. And I’ve seen this happening ICly.
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