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  1. Unfortunately not, sorry.
  2. As an active homeless roleplayer, yes please. Gives meaning to our dumpster diving.
  3. Lack of usage of these vehicles forces a sale. Hakuchou, private plate of UPYOURCC included. ((stats)) Yosemite Rancher ((stats)) Both vehicles are modified. They have performance enhancing modifications, the Rancher is off-road built and more than capable of doing whatever you desire. Throw some numbers out there for both vehicles, I'll decide when I'm happy and sell them to a preferred bidder. Willing to take swaps too for any sort of pickup truck, 4x4 or muscle car. Try me.
  4. 37,500 for the Boor.
  5. So you sell for the exact same price you paid for it or lower? Great business model. Unfortunate that the vehicle isn't going to someone who will use it.
  6. 732776 for any enquiries. My prices are listed.
  7. I can't wait for this car to be on sale for an extra $10,000 within 5 minutes of being purchased.
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