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  1. Buffalo Hellhound - Performance Packages, Upgraded Security System I am selling this beautiful Bravado Buffalo Hellhound. It has the performance package, as well as an upgraded security system, and new rims. I am hoping for at least $150,000. Willing to negotiate. Photos: ((OOC Stats))
  2. This guy's pretty cute.

  3. I'm excited to see Atwood progress! Keep it coming!
  4. This man can do it all. Taze king, Medic, Deputy.
  5. Vapid Dominator GTX Selling For: $285,000
  6. It is very hard to find a house on this server. While there are a lot of motels and apartments available, I for example, have never been able to actually RP owning a house, rather than an apartment.
  7. IMO it's just that it helps keep me from MG in certain situations. Such as players who are far away. Obviously I can just see their name and decide now to RP with them or something because IK it would be MG, but it would just be more convenient for me to not have nametags and put names to faces. For example, if I get into an altercation with somebody, and I see them later across the street but they have different clothes on and are facing away, etc, some players may be tempted to go confront because they see the nametag, not their face. This is also true if a player is farther away and I see their nametag. IRL I wouldn't know if I know that person until they got close enough for me to see their face. It's just a little command for convenience.
  8. I think it would just be more useful in long-range situations or people in cars. If you interact with them you can just use the chat box to find their name. It's more like long-range purposes. For example, if I see someone far away IRL I wouldn't know if I know them until they get closer and seeing their face, but having the nametags in GTA I see their names from far away.
  9. The only thing with this suggestion is that it kind of contradicts itself because I can still their name in the chat box, so it kind of defeats the purpose.
  10. No, I don't think I should be able to turn off my own nametag for other players. I'm saying I should be able to turn off other player's name tags. For example if you nametag says John Higgens, I would just do something like /tognametags and it will disappear, not letting me see the name above your head anymore, but you can still see mine if you choose. Unless you turn it off as well.
  11. IMO it just helps prevent MG. Some players may be tempted to MG by seeing peoples nametags above their heads, and using this feature can just take away the nametags. Just a nice little command if people want to take advantage of it.
  12. Short description: Being able to type in a command to turn off commands Detailed description: Some people may want to be able to turn off people's nametags in order to make the game more realistic, and to prevent MG. I think if we added a command like /tognametags to toggle people's nametags, it would make it easy for people to turn off nametags. Commands to add: /tognametags Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Could prevent MG and could make it more realistic for people who wish to use it. Additional information:
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