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bidi bidi bom bom

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  1. Any OCG can be deemed a Mob. So it does work that way in generalization. Basis case tho? Different scenario.
  2. When you say "you", you mean "you". I don't know if you know how the English language works bud, but that should've been "y'all" or "everyone". "You" directly points to the person you're talking to.
  3. I don't comment on legal things. So that accusation is really far fetched from you, aren't you the same guy that complains when the smallest thing doesn't go his way? 😒
  4. Why are legal RPers commenting here? No offense, even if I don't think there's a need for this thread, illegal and IFM should be commenting as a whole. Legal RPers always complain, and ruin it for the illegal side of things with their comments, and ofc the server sides with them because they're the majority and we're the minority.
  5. been waiting for this, show em how its done
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