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  1. Ah, yes, is Nurken Musabayev. He comes from great country of Kazakhstan. Very nice, I follow this.
  2. Leading bid. I'll be selling the apartment if no one makes a new offer in the next 24 hours.
  3. David Eidelman David Eidelman was born in Los Santos, SA to Nikolay (1964 - 2019), a lawyer, and Tamara Eidelman (nee Nadler) (1967), an accountant, on June 8, 1990. Eidelman was raised by a secularized Ashkenazi Jewish family in the suburb of Hawick. His middle class family were comprised of white-collar professionals such as accountants, marketers and lawyers. Eidelman's father, Nikolay, was a Soviet Jewish emigrant from Saransk, USSR who arrived in Los Santos with family in 1973. His mother was a 3rd generation Jewish American with roots in Belgium, Germany and Slovakia. Eidelman experienced a suburban upbringing within the Russian and American Jewish communities of Los Santos. Early life By all accounts, D. Eidelman had an "All American" upbringing in Hawick. He was demonstrably gifted, both academically and athletically, from a young age. He exhibited minimal behavioral problems and was generally described as a bright student. On his father's side, he had relatives in Brooklyn and Garden City, NY. He spent several consecutive summers visiting with them as a teenager. During his family visits to Brooklyn, Eidelman was exposed to the criminal underworld and gangland for the first time. He started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in secret from the age of 15. While attending a Vinewood high school, Eidelman played three seasons of gridiron football and was a cross country runner. Around the same time, Eidelman saw himself deep into gambling after the poker boom of 2003-2006, he'd use his cousin's account to play no-limit Texas hold 'em online. He finished high school in 2007, age 17, while employed at a surfing shop in Vespucci Beach. For his schooling efforts, he was bestowed three scholarships for west coast universities. Eidelman took two gap years after finishing high school in Los Santos. He used his free time for traveling and employment around the United States. Eidelman extensively traveled the Western States and Northeast. He was known to reside in Denver, CO and Brooklyn, NY. His tenure in Colorado was brief, as he had no family there. He moved after an arrest for disorderly conduct resulted in no criminal charges. For thirteen months in Brooklyn, he was employed at a family delicatessen on Ocean Avenue. There, Eidelman was brought into the crimimal fold by his uncle, Semyon Eidelman. He personally assisted with loan sharking, debt collection and money laundering around Gravesend. In 2009, he was accepted to the Los Santos University on a scholarship and returned to his home city. Education From 2009 - 2013, Eidelman attended the LSU and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics. He was a wide receiver on the NCAA's Division I LSU Bruins for two consecutive seasons. He played varsity football with the Bruins across the Western States. A series of injuries permanently benched him in 2011. Afterwards, he tried collegiate swimming for the first time, against his doctor's orders. He failed to earn a spot on the team, having been dropped from tryouts. His substance abuse problems worsened as a student, especially after his athletic career ended. This is something that he kept secret from his family. His best friends on-campus were drug dealers and other collegiate athletes. Mafia involvement and prison In 2014, Eidelman re-located to Tucson, AZ for employment. He worked as a fund manager at Mountain View Insurance for three years. This business was operated as an “outpost” by the Los Santos Jewish mob. During his tenure there, he was placed under FBI investigation along with all other employees. He participated in an embezzlement scheme which funneled money back to mob bosses in Los Santos. In 2017, Eidelman was apprehended and indicted by the FBI on criminal charges related to embezzlement and fraud. He stood federal trial in Arizona, and as part of a guilty plea deal, worked his sentence down to 4 years. Part of the deal included paying restitution to all of his victims. He served out his federal prison sentence in Kentucky and Connecticut. His father died from heart failure while incarcerated, and in spite of formal appeals, was not granted day release to attend his funeral in Los Santos. He was released from federal incarceration in November 2021. Rebirth After prison, Eidelman found himself broke and increasingly depressed. Incarceration took a harsh mental toll, especially after his father’s passing. In 2022, he returned to Los Santos from his Fairfield, CT halfway house. He connected with an old contact, Bernard Diamant. He can be observed in the streets with Diamant and his loyal henchman Abram Niyanov, a Bukharan Jew from Uzbekistan that has recently arrived in the country for reasons unknown. It is most likely that Eidelman is re-involved in the city’s Jewish underworld.
  4. Small cozy apartment right in front of Vespucci Beach! 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a small balcony. Starting bid: $150,000 Buyout: $300,000 Bid increase: $5,000
  5. I don't mean to be sizzlin', but I worship William Zhan and everything he believes in. Great faction, great people. Keep it up.
  6. You're gonna be his movie star and you're gonna like it.
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