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  1. im not saying davis ltd is the mecca of roleplay but idk if you have actually been to an american gas station at night but they’re usually not the safest places to be. just think this time it’s a gas station surrounded by gangs. doesnt sound safe at all does it? we shouldnt completely ban all crime there, if u feel like ure seeing something unrealistic report it. or write up the lspd/lssd if u want to make change ic.
  2. Username: Deborah Williamson Comment: There's no excuse for the death penalty! This is not justice! This is vengeance! Such a barbaric practice that hails from the medieval era! Hypocrisy!
  3. at the end of the day theres no solving this. the economy is always going to be whack on a game and ur always gna have a mr moneybags tipping $2000 for a soda. the only solution to this is charitying the money that you feel is unrealistic or simply not rping ur bank account/paychecks.
  4. Short description: Longer /my distance. Detailed description: Self-explanatory, similar to /melong and /dolong. All it is an increased distance for the /my command. Commands to add: /mylong Items to add: Nothing. How would your suggestion improve the server? Lets players have their /my's show at farther distances, similar to /melong and /dolong. Additional information:
  5. You could say gentrification all you want, but there's a limit. It's a gradual process that takes time, it doesn't happen in a span of two weeks. You're not going to see multi-millionaires or the like living in South Central with a gold-wrapped Lamborghini parked in their driveway of their run-down house. Why would someone who has the money to live in a safe location choose South Central? It makes no sense. You might see middle to upper middle class at most, but only in certain neighborhoods. Not in the heart of South Central crime, that's for sure.
  6. i support increasing it but not removing it all together.
  7. i think a high school is great for stirring up rp for south central gangs. sporting events, school drama, etc. it includes all gangs which is a great opportunity for inner-school beef and etc.
  8. yh itd be sick but all the mods ive seen have the skateboards go like 90 mph and the animations are fucked up so instead of pushing ur like sliding/walking on the board
  9. yh something needs to be done about the way ads work rn cuz its a pain to try and get ur ad through when ur battling a ton of more people only to have to wait for 3 mins to try again
  10. Username: acab960942 Comment: Work detail?! More like slave labor! Truly disgusting!
  11. To echo what bonk said. If your character is 7'2" and 350 pounds and you're fighting a 5'4" teenager who weighs 110. Your character is obviously going to dominate over that teenager. You should be able to realistically and logically make decisions, keeping both players in mind. You shouldn't have to have a coin flip determine if your 7'2" 350 pound character is going to beat up or get beaten up by a 5'4" teenager because obviously the 7'2" heavyweight is going to dominate the 5'4" skinny teenager no questions asked.
  12. Yeah, it'll encourage players to roleplay their strengths and weaknesses properly without having to rely on a script to choose for them on a 50/50 chance that doesn't take their character in consideration.
  13. yh if u want just make something up that’s more realistic like what mike said above, just pm them after with the actual url to prevent confusion
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