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  1. Congrats @imi, @Valkyria and all.
  2. Used to happen to me frequently. Switch to DirectX 10.1 and lower your FXAA/MSAA. That's what stopped it for me.
  3. You're very wrong. There are nine states which are considered may-issue states. In some counties like LA, a no-issue is practically de-facto law there. You will almost never be issued a concealed carry permit without good cause.
  4. baskingball1: It is Ok We will fire police Chef twig badwater like We fire donald Trump im not vote for Jayjay cling next election run. vote black sheriff rickard Washington again
  5. Right click the game on Steam -> Properties -> Betas. Choose the “public build you would like to opt into” tab. I believe the current name for the build is B41MP.
  6. instructions unclear. ended up in a lesbian relationship.
  7. A standalone apartment located at Vespucci on Melanoma Street. The apartment has a living room, a kitchen, one bedroom and one restroom. Asking price is $295,000. (( ))
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