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  1. So we've been working and roleplaying all evening at our garage in Paleto in the wake of the update, excited to be having the opportunity to make decent cuts from the orders we make with the business owner having set the mechanic commission rate to 60%. With the three of us working that would've made a pretty 20% of purchase payout, but after a sudden crash or update we started noticing that something was off when a car came in to get paint, wheels and a spoiler installed(All of which are 1k+) and we were recieving commissions of around 85. So when things quieted down around the garage we did a bit of testing of our own and noticed that for some reason the commission rate had switched to a 20% rate giving only $30 for a $200 tint purchase with only one mechanic signed on. Screenshot The conclusion I've been drawing from this is that the script is either counting signed on mechanics multiple times following a crash which seems very likely after checking the maths in the screenshot or that the rate's reset to a default value. Which we cannot confirm as the business owner is currently asleep at the time I am writing this. No matter which it is the consequences for the average spanner monkey is pretty game breaking as this means you're barely getting paid at all for the work you're doing. I'm curious to see if any other garages are having these problems or if anyone's able to shed some light into this.
  2. Full Name: Oleg Romanic Phone Number: 84468074 Horse Color & Name: Red, Deer of Doom Wager: $1,000 Method of Payment: Cash in person
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