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  1. Contact me here or on phone if you've got a ZR-250 and are willing to trade it for Comet Classic. Phone number - 2105.
  2. Hello! Still interested into buying one?
  3. FlyElvis


    Will let it go for 135'000. Deal lasts for 1 hour.
  4. FlyElvis


    All good. Get one off the streets, you don't have a problem to find one as you said. Idk why you wasting your time here lowballing me. Selling it literally 50k under dealer price. As I mentioned, the perfect scenario is trading it to Guardian RV. So that's the plan. Have a good one.
  5. FlyElvis


    I got visuals too but not letting it go for lower hence I want to buy myself a Sandroamer RV after I sell this one. I got 160 miles on it. It lacks turbo, engine and transmission upgrades. You still get it cheaper than buying it new. Not many on the streets that are for sale. I'm rushing to sell it, that's why I am letting it go for 160k.
  6. FlyElvis


  7. I would let it go for 185 grand. Consider it having basically no miles and around 30 thousand into modifications, you're winning already... The person who wants this car will pay the number. I am not in a rush to sell it, but I am in the city so you're free to come and take a look too, but only for serious buyers. Will look into trading it for ZR350/ZR250 with money on top. Thank you all for showing interest 🙂 Will keep waiting for better offers.
  8. FOR SALE BRAND NEW "JESTER RR". Current price set : 190'000$ OBO. Phone number to contact me - 2105 or contact me here. Selling due to getting the car as a present and mutually discussing later on that it could be the best to sell this, rather than keep an expensive vehicle. Vehicle has no scratches or whatsoever as it is basically brand new. Have not registered it yet. Has got upgrades such as: Reinforced transmission for future upgrades; Coilovers to lower the car tastefully; Spoiler; Sunstrip; New 3piece wheels; Grille inserts Front bumper; Rear bumper; Side skirts; Exhaust system. Pictures of the car : ((OOC STATS: ))
  9. Totally agree with you on the fact that there are way too many upgraded cars. I am usually the one who roleplays slowly upgrading my car. Firstly I just do some wheels that I saved for, then nezt time I come to do coilovers and stuff, that makes it interesting but I feel like people just want to go fast and they forget about the rp… sadly. It’s a lot to do with the grinding I feel like and so on. I have played on servers without economy in the past and they are actually really fun, as there is 0 grind, people do quality roleplay, lots of hunters, county people, truckers, social workers etc, because money isn’t a flex and everyone is focused on the quality rp. But that is besides the point. I think severe crashes should just CK the drivers… maybe then it would hit someone that flying through the city with heavily modded car isn’t okay. People would realise the risks and think about it. I am all for fast cars and modified cars with realistic speeds etc, but there needs to be something done to those who fly through the city like it is nothing.
  10. Agreed on car speeds. You do realise that in real life people mods their cars to get them going faster and A LOT faster. I am not a part in any, but I have realised that there are street racing / racing crews and so on. I would be more rooting for higher upgrade prices and so on, but never nerfing cars. Especially tuner cars that are popular for the performance… Makes no sense. In real life there are cars that go fast as hell, but rarely driven at the maximum potential… Maybe there is needed a look into all the car handlings, editing them, making them as fast as they are meant to be and so on and to increase the realism just increase the possibility to get CK’d in a car crash if it is been a severe one so people think before using their car potential to the max… Even nerfed cars are being pushed to the max speed and flying through the streets of Los Santos. I am hella tired but tried to make a point before going to sleep. Thank you for reading and I hope you understood what I meant… 😁
  11. Selling my Sentinel Cabrio. Would be looking to get $90’000 for it. Upgrade wise it has rebuilt engine with forged parts, rebuilt transmission, coilovers, big brake kit, turbo kit from Garrett. Plate - SIMSIMMA. Contact me here or on evenings texting 2105.
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